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Classically trained engineers have been left with the impression it is impossible to control 100% of the torque generated by a single lift rotor, using only the downdraft, within the same diameter as the lift rotor, because 100% of the torque minus 100% of the torque would leave no useable downdraft or zero lift.

This illusion has stymied the development of a torque control system with many potential applications.

The TSVLS solves the problem by locating a lift rotor over vertical airfoils arrayed within a shroud to create “horizontal lift” in an anti torque direction. Our testing shows 100% of the torque can be controlled, balanced, with anti torque forces, even while the airfoils are at a low angle ...

Many people and businesses talk about energy conservation and make attempts at conserving electricity, by turning off lights and equipment when not in use. However, many people do not actually know how much energy is used throughout their home or office. The Total Energy Monitoring System (TEMS) will measure and record energy usage at electrical outlets through the home or office.

The system consists of one monitoring hub and many remote units. The monitoring hub is a simple CPU such as the Raspberry PI with a 2.4 GHz transceiver. The remote monitoring units (RMU) consist of a current transformer, a low power microprocessor, and a 2.4 GHz transceiver. The consumer can place the RMUs at any and all outlets ...

Touchtech Lima is a premium multi-touch software solution. It is designed for multi-touch table and wall displays to create interactive presentations using your existing files (pictures, videos, and documents etc). Touchtech Lima makes interacting with your digital content fun and easy for everyone!

Download and try it out for free for 30 days on any multitouch screen:

Create some noise around your presentation and make your message visible. Touchtech Lima is the perfect solution to attract and intrigue your audience at any event.

Touchtech LIMA encourages your audience to be involved. Anyone can manipulate your content ...

"Universal Adhesive Tape Dispenser” for sale on License, patent applied for in USA and INDIA

Product Details: It is a novel and simple Tape Dispenser which is user friendly, multipurpose and unique and most simple in design, useful for all varieties of tapes, having variations in Materials, Widths, Diameters, Thickness, Toughness, Stickiness, and various applications and uses. Most suitable for a common man, office, industry and packaging use.

Technical details:
1) Universal Tape Dispenser with provision of only a small and simple Cutter Plate
2) Easy to use for all the tape verities (for Figs document attached).
3) Can cut tape at any angle.
4) Can cut tape from its front and back sides and from both ends.
5) ...

Apply latest dehydration process to stevia leaves for our daily use.

As the stevia leaves have been crushed, grounded and even in whole dried leaves, we find that in order to ease use of this stevia product.

We have developed a special dehydration process that rolled the leaves into shape of balls on each leaf thus enabling easy ...

An attachment utility that allows a person to easily pick up and carry a recycle (or any similar utility) box with one hand, and without bending over, to the curb or central collection depot. By using the attachment utility to carry the box by the person's side, the person can easily see the path (and steps) in front of him/her which makes it safer, especially for the senior and frail. It allows for a more ergonomic way of carrying the box, like a shopping basket. The one-handed operation frees up the other hand for : using a handrail, opening garage door, using a walking aid, carrying an umbrella on a rainy day or even carry a box on the ...

People spend most of their time monitoring the household appliances to cater to their needs. Imagine yourself controlling the operation of home appliances without manually switching the buttons. For instance once you enter your bedroom, you realise that the air conditioner of your dining hall is left ON. Reverting back & switching it off manually is quite a reluctant option.

Rather instructing the appliances to switch to their different modes of operation verbally would be more convenient & comforting. This would also reduce the load of monitoring the necessary appliances simultaneously.

This embedded system application caters to the versatile control of necessary household appliances (ranging from air conditioners, television sets, fans etc.). The proposed device is ...

Patented - Albert L. Schmidt - Inventor

A majority of showerheads Sold & Used today Dispense 2.5 Gallons of Water Per/Minute.

A 10-Minute Shower = 25 Gallons of Freshly Treated, Filtered, Purified, Heated Water.

Water Used = 15 Gallons Heated Water (60%)
10 Gallons Cold Water (40%)
Total 25 Gallons Used with 0 Saved!

A 10-Minute Shower with the NEW 10/15+ Flowchoice Showerhead™

1. User enjoys a 2-Minute showering wet down period. Water Usage = 4 Gallons.
2. User then moves the showerhead in any direction within a 360° Circle Engaging
an Internal Flow Control Valve, then lathers-up & scrubs-down, and ...

Consumer -- Engine of product innovations for wellness applications that help reduce stress and increase personal performance, monitor fitness heart rate, remind the person to take medications, monitor activity as pedometer with calories count, trend blood pressure changes, alert for abnormal episodes of ill-health or falls, panic call-button, remote ECG transmission, alerting upon hypoglycemia. It’s the future companion for quality of life at the workplace and at home, during exercise, or while traveling.

The design concept addresses the problem of needing multiple products for multiple applications. Specifically, the problem our design concept solves is: Offer the user a comfortable, embedded set of wearable sensors on the wrist, low power means to condition and digitally convert and transmit the sensed ...

MouthSpace is an input device for mobile and assistive computing. It replaces the Mouse and the Keyboard when convenience, mobility or security constraints prevent their use.

Other input methods cannot match the Keyboard-and-Mouse combination for accuracy, speed or potential for productivity, because hand motor control is difficult to replicate for discrete-input actions (typing) or continuous-input actions (mouse movements). Speech recognition has intrinsic problems—decomposing acoustic waves into syllables is computationally intensive, heuristic, and prone to error.

The human tongue, however, performs hand-like actuation, repetitively, without sacrificing speed.

MouthSpace is a simple pressure sensitive pad with an array of embedded LED proximity sensors. The contoured shape of the pad fits comfortably within a user’s mouth, and sits against the palette, like ...

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