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The problem with cell-phone battery chargers on the market today is threefold. They either need to be plugged into a wall outlet with an adapter requiring a 110 VAC connection, plugged into a laptop, or use a cumbersome, stand-alone,

As Americans have become more and more concerned about staying healthy, exercising has become a part of daily life for many. Water is essential to the body's normal functioning, especially with increased physical activity. As a result,

BLiNKZ is an eye-controlled, computer vision aided, wirelessly networked, mobile information device, housed in the familiar form of a pair of eyeglasses.
Once manually turned on, four backward-facing cameras track the eye movements of the user, allowing the wearer to control the interface on the interactive,

I worked hard out in the hot sun in Florida on my hands and knees laying out the house windows and doors. It became a problem with the paper blueprints kept tearing, and all my redline number getting smudged.

Bottle and Jar Opener QT-1

Technical field of Invention

This Bottle and Jar Opener is an original tool used to open jars or bottles in a different way than any product found currently on the market.


Imagine that a light goes along with you, and that is always on the place where you really need it. This principle not only reduces power consumption, but also gives the impression of interactivity. Moreover, during the night,




In this ever dynamic world filled with fancy gadgets and e-savvy people, the current scenario sees a huge spending capacity of people in India. Due to huge geographical area of our country,

Description: Read@Night® Children’s Book Light

Read@Night is a special Children’s Book Light (patent) that was founded by a dream of loving to read at night. The dream was to design a special children’s book light that is fun, innovative and unique that will promote the joy of reading.

Currently, industrialized cities are implementing programs for waste separation. Although high costs are estimated for the selection process, the prisons have the possibility to become rehabilitation centers, intended to transform these institutions into clusters of production and selection of these materiales and stop being a burden on society.

Home automation technology is expensive and complicated to retrofit into existing homes.

Pluggx is a $10 Bluetooth enabled, Cost-Effective, Energy Efficient device that transforms your existing product into SmartPhone operated Smart Product.

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