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The problem with cell-phone battery chargers on the market today is threefold. They either need to be plugged into a wall outlet with an adapter requiring a 110 VAC connection, plugged into a laptop, or use a cumbersome, stand-alone, encased solar panel with wires that needs to be carried separately everywhere. They all represent inconvenience and the need to carry something in order to charge a phone battery. The convenience of not having to carry adapters, laptops, or solar panels to charge a phone would be a major convenience for people in today's society. This invention eliminates all of the above making it convenient for charging any mobile phone anywhere. It consists of an elastic pocket attached to the ...

As Americans have become more and more concerned about staying healthy, exercising has become a part of daily life for many. Water is essential to the body's normal functioning, especially with increased physical activity. As a result, the demand for portable sources of water has increased dramatically and bottled water has emerged as a leading beverage in the U.S., second only to carbonated soft drinks, generating billions in revenues each year. Yet widespread controversy has arisen over the use of disposable plastic water bottles, which have created a major waste problem. More than 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away on a daily basis, and end up in landfills, incinerators, or as public litter. Reusing these disposable plastic water ...

BLiNKZ is an eye-controlled, computer vision aided, wirelessly networked, mobile information device, housed in the familiar form of a pair of eyeglasses.
Once manually turned on, four backward-facing cameras track the eye movements of the user, allowing the wearer to control the interface on the interactive, heads-up display (HUD). Those movements direct the eye cursor, seen as the yellow circle in the HUD. Either a deliberately fixed gaze or a triple-blink, depending on the action involved, can function as a selection action or “click”. BLiNKZ also has two cameras facing forward into the environment. When the eye-tracking cameras detect that the user is gazing intently at an object, such as a Universal Product Code (UPC) symbol, a QR code, ...

I worked hard out in the hot sun in Florida on my hands and knees laying out the house windows and doors. It became a problem with the paper blueprints kept tearing, and all my redline number getting smudged.This important size number from my door and window suppler is very important and I put those on my blueprints all the time and work.
My blueprints where getting destroyed after so many house layouts. I had to solve that paper from wearing out so fast. I came up with a blueprint saver folder and that took care of damaged blueprints.

The Product Description
Protecting work plans from the elements makes the Blueprint Protector a must have item.
I ...

Bottle and Jar Opener QT-1

Technical field of Invention

This Bottle and Jar Opener is an original tool used to open jars or bottles in a different way than any product found currently on the market.

The principle of this tool is based on the fact that inside any jar (bottle), there is a vacuum effect created when the jar (bottle) is sealed and the lid is held tightly in place by a friction force.

To break the tightness between the lid of the jar (bottle), the Jar Opener tool sharp Impact pin (9) creates an impact on the lid, removes the vacuum and cancels out its friction force and the lid should be turned open easily.


The ...


Imagine that a light goes along with you, and that is always on the place where you really need it. This principle not only reduces power consumption, but also gives the impression of interactivity. Moreover, during the night, lighting fixtures provides accent decorative illumination just like a runway but in green. All major parameters are remotely adjustable, according to user needs. The entire installation is controlled by a central module that decides when the lighting is necessary. During the day, when there is sufficient ambient illumination, the fixtures are disconnected from the electrical supply and total consumption of the system is negligible (less than 1.5 W for whole installation).

The goal: Reduce electrical consumption and bring new experience





In this ever dynamic world filled with fancy gadgets and e-savvy people, the current scenario sees a huge spending capacity of people in India. Due to huge geographical area of our country, people travel across the nation for various personal and professional reasons. Communication being a necessity, we tend to carry mobile phones with us. Most of us carry more than one mobile phone while travelling for various reasons; one among it is the mobile phones’ batteries get drained off while travelling. People travelling by roads and rail face a problem to charge their hand held mobile phones. Some of these public transport ...

Description: Read@Night® Children’s Book Light

Read@Night is a special Children’s Book Light (patent) that was founded by a dream of loving to read at night. The dream was to design a special children’s book light that is fun, innovative and unique that will promote the joy of reading. This book light will be enjoyed by children and adults alike who enjoy the love of reading at night. The book light has a special animated character such as an animal, human, hero or fantasy object that would inspire reading plus promote reading. You clip the book light to the back of the book then you extend the neck from the body of the character….the neck is moveable and flexible. The ...

Currently, industrialized cities are implementing programs for waste separation. Although high costs are estimated for the selection process, the prisons have the possibility to become rehabilitation centers, intended to transform these institutions into clusters of production and selection of these materiales and stop being a burden on society.

The change must be radical. A shocking development program and really a transformer, which allows clean seas, rivers, sewers, and landfills, for processing different polymers, and turn them into "paper."

Paper secure, waterproof, weather resistant, unlike books, no fungi accumulate, and may even be flame retardant.

A product like this requires a truly visionary and progressive concept that can guide business and social leaders worldwide, with the aim of creating ...

Home automation technology is expensive and complicated to retrofit into existing homes.

Pluggx is a $10 Bluetooth enabled, Cost-Effective, Energy Efficient device that transforms your existing product into SmartPhone operated Smart Product.

Report :- http://db.tt/nGJ0Au8Z
Site :- www.pluggx.weebly.com
Video :- http://goo.gl/m42Mx

PluggX is a $10 universal, quick, easy and affordable device.

This low cost module can be easily be embedded in any appliances either by the user or by the manufacturer itself.

Just plug the PluggX device into any existing electrical appliances ranging from small light bulb to Geyser and control you can turn it on and off remotely from your SmartPhone.

Easy to implement in :-

Power Outlets
Home Automation

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