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PaintCan is a product similar to many types of standalone machine interface designed to streamline the process of selecting and purchasing paint in large home DIY stores. PaintCan allows users to customize the paint selection process without overloading service representative desks in paint departments.

As a computer person, I am inundated with various passwords and userids that I need to keep. I hate paper, so the best I can do is keep the password on a document. I don’t like to store the document on the cloud,

The Plant Air Purifier is a new air cleaning appliance that utilizes the recently discovered air-cleaning capacity of root-associated microbes living synergistically with common houseplants to trap and consume toxins in the air. The research behind this was done By B. C.

If there's one thing on Earth man has sought after-since the dawn of time, it is the most comfortable shoe-comfort! Or best support for their feet, for extended walking comfort and support. Not since now, has man been ultimately surprised to find, at his feet!

P.E.A.S ~ Portable Emergency Alert System
I had a motorcycle wreck early in the morning as I was on my way to work. I went off the road as a result of the oncoming car failing to "DIM THEIR LIGHTS!" The morning was dark,

Made from the best grade stainless steel to bring you HOT water for all purposes anywhere you are. Camping, on the beach or on a construction site too easy.

Using stainless steel piping with a few welds this structure is strong and robust.

Desert coolers are widely used for cooling rooms in hot countries like India. Conventional coolers have a water tank at the bottom. Water is pumped to the top of the cooler which is allowed to fall on the three walls of the cooler body,

Printer nowadays is usually big, heavy and expensive. Due to this, a printer in a company is usually shared by a few computers to save cost. Occasionally, one will encounters simultaneous printings by several users which slow down the whole printing processes. If the printing load is too heavy,

Prism is a solar-powered, water-proof, impact-resistant backpack, designed to power, pack, and protect electronic goods on the go for urban commuters.

Prism utilizes an internal polycarbonate frame to protect your valuable electronic goods against drops, and a sealed, dual-layer, extremely durable,

Power saving is the biggest challenge of today's appliances viz TVs, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones etc, both by AC and DC battery sources. I shall consider only the TV, while the technique could as well be adopted for rest of the appliances.

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