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We propose a blended wing-body delta aircraft of very high length-to-width ratio equipped with an upper-or-lower-surface-mounted turbo-jet engine-and-intake-plenum module which can be rotated laterally up to 90 degrees, swiveling from a pivot-point at the wing-body’

Vertical Lift Aircraft Rotor Fault Detection is a process that uses rotor blade tracking revolution to revolution (rev-rev) data to identify faults and/or failures from the data stream.

The Vision-Enhanced Situational Awareness (VESA) system is a situational awareness system for small general aviation aircraft that incorporates enhanced and synthetic vision, augmented reality, data fusion, and other technologies to provide a continuous display of the pilot’s surroundings fused with important flight information.


The next generation, opposed piston (“boxer”) internal combustion engine.

The wave thread was developed to evenly distribute stress in nut/bolt connections. In the process it was made 16-20% stronger. This is because it is a threaded bullet shape and the stress is linear form the end of the bolt, not from the sides in a cylindrical bolts.

The development of the ZeeEye UAV provides environmentally friendly production and low-cost lightweight, durable proprietary CBM™ materials.

Technical Abstract: As UAV technology is rapidly evolving to meet specific operational requirements, the ZeeEye combines three high power and money saving technologies which provide the ZeeEye extended flight endurance.

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