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This is my concept of a flying military drone craft carrier. The problem facing the military with drones is finding a suitable place for the drones to take off and land, one that doesn't require permission on distant lands. With such a transporter,

The 4 Decker Plane is one of its kind that can carry up to 500+ passengers and can also serve as a tourist and excursion attraction. The fuselage is designed in a way that it has virtually all you need on land.

During an emergency, when a pilot has to execute a belly landing or ditching (water landing), the fuselage of the plane comes in direct contact with the surface of the Tarmac or water body.

After many years of listening to Co-gens and Power Companies, globally, go into a panic for turbine parts, and having to drive every machine shop in the USA to the brink of exhaustion, working weekends and overtime to fill expedited orders, I designed a better "mouse trap.


When a vehicle needs to be stopped, a mechanism that converts its kinetic energy into heat energy (generally) is deployed. Various types of brakes are used for this purpose. The heat energy produced by this conversion is not in usable form and is lost to the environment.

The Problem:

History has seen many tragedies and disasters which can cause serious damage to spacecraft like the event of March 1991, intense solar activity took place causing satellite anomalies, power surges on power grids. This sun storm damaged the MARITIME EUROPEAN COMMUNICATION SATELLITE (MARECS)-1 completely.

Future Helicopter
it is a concept of a helicopter with advanced technology. It is basically designed for military purposes..It's a conceptual design for a helicopter........A future spaceship.....can be used for defense and also for rescue mission..It can also be used for carrying huge loads from one place to another..

High g accelerations can easily interrupt the functionality of hydraulic devices that are in use in aerospace facilities. These accelerations can be achieved in very severe maneuvers. So testing of these facilities are one of the critical tasks that must be done.

it involves the modeling of a ducted-fan type hover board for defense surveying and commercial purposes. It is a compact aerial vehicle which can fly, hover and propel itself. It also follows a simple design centered on a piston engine as used in a motor bike.

Magnetic Repulsive Propulsion system and operating method for hybrid vehicle that can travel on land, in space and at sea is theoretically formulated. Basic theory for the propulsion is proposed and model for the proposed vehicle is theoretically constructed with its working.

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