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Keeping in mind the present situation all of our country with heavy black money, theft , robbery , cheating,election black money, bank & ATM theft, misuse government money,

The aerospace industry has been searching for methods for 3D printing with metals, however it's something yet too far. The Mold3d technology comes to circumvent this problem by transforming printed plastic parts into injected metal parts ready for use, without any decrease in resolution and quality.

My aircraft concept is to take a single aircraft platform and turn it into as many different roles as needed by our changing combat and survailence priorities.

The proposed concept is a jet engine harnessing the advantages and amplifying characteristic of two or more linear combustions taking place inside the engine all together at the same time. The engine is composed of a combustor as usual,

After the disappearance of an airliner in midair earlier this year, ICAO organized an exclusive Special Meeting on Global Flight Tracking of Aircraft: “Meeting participants will explore the use of existing technologies that may provide the means to support globally track airline flights at a reasonable cost.”

Practical manned Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft have yet to develop from multi-rotor technology. Although small-scale multirotor vehicles are now common, they do not scale well to viable manned systems and lack endurance for hover and cruise.

The start of widespread use of drones was a significant leap for the world's military & other agencies. Most, if not all designs however, are limited to a particular role.

Current fielded UAV/UCAVS, such as the MQ Predator/Reapers on one hand, primarily employed in surveillance & ground strike roles,

Ring Vortices - . In recent conflicts our military interact with civilians either in battles or violent demonstrations so non-lethal weapons must be reconsidered, after earlier programs were terminated.

Atypical InFlow Thermodynamic Technology Proposal Submission
Novel Fueled Motor Engine Type

This innovative concept consists of hull and core where are held all 8 steps of the work-flow which make the concept functional.

In a “Loss of Coolant Accident,” such as those which occurred in TMI and Fukushima, after minutes without effective cooling, reactor cores have overheated and melted, leading to leakage of radioactivity to the surrounding environment from the larger outer Concrete-Containment-Building. Causes include internal hydrogen explosions;

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