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We are safe here inside the country because our soldiers are at risk out there at the line of control. Many times they got hurt by bullets, bombs and many impacts but they have no option except moving ahead and fighting with the enemies.

The Idea

The X is a miniature launcher that can be used to propel metallic shells at a pre-determined target. It acts as a lilliputian simulator of a ballistic launcher. The robot perceives the target and adjusts the launching arm accordingly using various projectile motion formulae. Eventually,

Air transportation of goods is the fastest mean of distribution; for difficult access areas it is also the most convenient way of transporting some products, especially perishable ones. Yet it is also a very expensive way of transportation.

I propose to produce low cost unmanned moon rockets for schools and universities.

The basis idea would be to establish a network of entities and organizations interested in seeing the USA lead the effort towards producing Electric Flight Propulsion systems.

This can only be accomplished by the collaborative efforts of universities, private companies, airports and research institutions.

This is a B.E Aeronauical Final Year Project.This project deals with selecting, modelling and CFD analysis of cyclocopter blades. Two NACA series airfoils, viz. NACA 0010 and NACA 0012, are used. The blades are then modelled using Catia V5R20 by importing the coordinates from www.airfoildb.com using Macros.

NASA's Constellation Architecture Team defined an outpost scenario optimized for intensive mobility that uses small, highly mobile pressurized rovers supported by portable pressurized Deep Space Habitat (DSH) modules that can be carried between locations of interest on the lunar surface. A compact vertical cylinder characterizes the DSH concept,

Our work describes the design, fabrication and flight testing of an RC aircraft (for surveillance) powered with an Electric Ducted Fan (EDF). The configuration and layout of the aircraft was inspired by MiG-29 and F-35B; hence it has a swept high wing,

In order to locate a downed aircraft in water, a faster method might be possible, and cost less for the search. Minor modifications might allow this system to be used on lost aircraft that are not visible from the air.

An array of small,

The idea aims to generate more lift out of the traditional airfoil arrangement. The airfoil shape will contain a duct as shown in figure. The air inside the duct will again follow an airfoil contour only. Although the air flow to the main contour will get reduced,

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