Aerospace & Defense

We hereby give you a defense vehicle which is equally powerful to a tank, but compact and stealthier than it. It will moreover look like a motor bike. We use mono caterpillar track to drive the vehicle,

Far-infrared and submillimeter astronomy is a hot research field. The relative weakness of this radiation requires telescopes to use cryogenically cooled superconducting bolometers and associated transmission lines and processing equipment.


Ozone layer depletion is a well known problem. Not necessary to write too much about it. If You need more info, please visit the NASA web site, You will be informed.

I'll write about the solution.

The concept of this vest is to have a passive cooling system based on two phase changing heat transfer features; heat pipe technology for high level heat transfer and phase changing materials for heat storage.

The benefit of such concept is to have a passive cooling system,

Potentially Hazardous Asteroids Space Telescope (PHAST), a proposal for asteroid detection, tracking, and characterization.

Near-Earth asteroids (NEAs), also called near-Earth objects (NEOs), orbit the sun, like all asteroids, but their paths bring them “close” to Earth (within about 45 million kilometers).

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are aircraft without a human pilot aboard. Flight is controlled autonomously by on-board computers or manually by remote control in a ground station.

The Ram Accelerator, invented in 1983 at the University of Washington, is a novel mass driver consisting of a long straight tube filled with combustible gaseous mixtures such as hydrogen and oxygen. Upon ignition, an aeroshell “surfs the combustion wave” with sufficient velocity to exit the atmosphere.

What problem does your design idea solve?

Rotary wing platforms are flexible and powerful solution for a range of missions such as medical evacuation, rescue, courier and transportation. However, these aircraft are in danger to collide with terrain features, obstacles and other flying aircraft, especially in bad visibility conditions.

Rapid Forest Fire Extinguisher

Fires in dry arid forests start very quickly. Even if these fires are detected quickly, by the time resources are deployed to the fire, the fire could already be out of control.

The main aim of this topic is to introduce the concept of reusing the external tank of a space shuttle. To achieve this we are proposing to use Thermal Protection System (TPS) in conjunction with a High Temperature Heat Shield (HTHS).

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