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With ever tightening budget constraints on the US military, reduction in machinery is inevitable. No branch feels this more than the Navy. Put simply, less money means fewer ships.

Ruppell Spacetrack is an air floating maglev track for lauching a spaceship. An elevator is used to lift the spaceship to 20 km high above the Earth's surface. A long track accelerating it at 3G is used to give the spaceship enough energy to exit Earth attraction.

This idea describes the development of SAROPAN, an all terrain chain belt mechanism robot, wirelessly controlled and automatic (dual mode operation) and camera mechanism for surveillance. It also describes the development of a software interface which allows several open and closed- loop control methods to be easily implemented.

Today's satellite propulsion systems cost upwards of $15MM, were designed before the first handheld calculator was invented, and are impossible to miniaturize to accommodate smaller satellites. Over the past five years, these small satellites have become increasingly capable,

Fracture of materials often starts from a crack of the nano or micro scale. The Self healing composite produced mends these cracks before they propagate and lead to fracture.

The Self Repairing Space Vehicle is a satellite, space station, human transport vehicle or resupply vehicle that has a self repairing module attached to it. The self repairing module
is a self contained unit. The self repairing module consists of multiple 3D printers.

* Shielded Space Wall Defense System (SSWDS) :

In the huge rush of enemies weapons, suppose that a large numbers of, for example, rockets are launched simultaneously against buildings, establishments and other targets. Simultaneous pointing, tracking and destroying of all rockets are not easily or may not even be possible. But,

At some point in their lives almost everyone has wanted to fly. The draw of the open sky can be very compelling, but for most it is out of reach. Airplanes are expensive and require specialized facilities to operate from.

A Snake's body is very flexible to travel through challenging paths even there are complex obstacles. Snakes uses different methods to do this such as undulatory/serpentine, Side-winding, Caterpillar, Concertina locomotion.

What is Snake Hand?

Snake hand is a lengthy hydraulic robot with a controlling base station.

Using chemical propulsion (actual rockets) are not a viable solution. Just to send a crew of six people to Mars we need at least 9150 oxygen tanks, 1180 gallons of water, 280 full grocery shopping carts.

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