It is now common knowledge and even a demographic dividend that population is increasing and one of the undesirable consequences has been the growing traffic. A very scary outcome of this phenomenon has been a disturbing number of road accidents – a whopping 142,485 traffic-related fatalities.

The mikes generally used in auditorium or hall have a very low range and makes a speaker restricted to the desk where it is kept, also is you are very nearer to it the beep sound irritates the ears of the listeners. The solution for this was Head Microphone,

Following independence, India viewed education as an effective tool for bringing social change through community development. The Indian government lays emphasis on primary education up to the age of fourteen years, referred to as elementary education in India.

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum was a boom and some start of the microcomputer business. The inventor went bankrupt after investing in producing electrical scooters, but the concept remains sound. In images you see his original invention, a Wireless Bluetooth keyboard, and a 'Rikomagic PC,

Electoint is technology that gives the tool to connect everyday electronics to the internet over Wi-Fi including home security and automation.

A tiny Wi-Fi development board with microcontroller will change the Home electricity system and will provide an interface to control with switches &

Electrical Junction Box Wire Router

This paper proposes to improve the electrical junction box installation. A new method of putting a printed circuit board (PCB) with Terminal block called “Electrical Junction Box Wire Router” is placed inside the Electrical Junction Box.

Active RC Electronic Biquad/Universal Self Compensated Filters

2° order, 3 base-stages biquad/universal continuous time analog active filters type resonant and, more particulary, active full self-compensation techniques to improve the frequency range, the stability and/or the selectivity of the filters themselves with a very low,

Using a variation of the technology used in optical trackballs and mice its possible to track eye movement and position and focus.

With CAUTION (you do not have to try this) try holding your mouse to the outside corner of your eye,

Back in high high school I was helpless seeing my paralyzed father every day in bed. In 3rd year I thought of making a device through which a patient can be independent. So, I came up with an idea of controlling electronics through the eye, in my case an "eye controlled mouse.

Fainne is an Irish word for ring. This is the ring which has the projector in it. It uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) Projector which contains digital micromirror device. In DLP projectors, the image is created by microscopically small mirrors laid out in a matrix on a semiconductor chip,

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