The new flow sensor uses screen-printed thick-film thermistors and resistive heaters protected by a thin layer of Parylene-C to convert heat transfer to fluid flow velocity using King's law. The thick film substrate is connected to a small electronics board, which includes a TI MSP 430 microprocessor. The electronics manage power to the resistive heaters, and measure differential output across a four-wire bridge formed by four of the screen-printed thermistors. They also detect alarm conditions such as dry-line and reverse flow. Dry line is measured using a temperature rate-of-rise algorithm. Reverse flow is detected using a secondary resistive heater positioned in immediate proximity to a temperature measuring thermistor. When the flow direction is opposite to that of the normal ...

Technology Gap:
During the last decade, the world of electronics has experienced a surge in autonomous electronic devices. One last tether has prevented consumers from completely leaping into the wireless convenience - the power cord. Wireless power transmission (WPT) will remove the need for power cords for portable electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. More than 800 million wireless power transmitters and receivers are forecast for 2015 for mobile devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, e-Readers and media players. Evidence is increasing that wireless power can be environmentally friendly. This technology is improving the capability of contactless charging and direct power for many applications from military to medical to consumer electronics.
Although WPT is moving forward, ...

Analysis of the stability of buildings is a needed measurement process for all buildings in the cities. Periodic monitoring of the structure for such damage is therefore a key step in rationally planning the maintenance needed to guarantee an adequate level of safety and serviceability. However, in order for the installation of a permanently installed sensing system in buildings to be economically viable, the sensor modules must be wireless to reduce installation costs, must operate with a low power consumption to reduce servicing costs of replacing batteries, and use low cost sensors that can be mass produced such as MEMS sensors.In this project MEMS accelerometer is used to sense the shaking of the building which in sends message signal ...

The Idea

Establishment of local as well as remote Serial Wireless Data Transmission between two Microcontrollers by interfacing them with XBEE Pro / XBEE Wi-Fi Wireless Modules based on Zigbee Wireless Technology and simultaneously exploiting this data to run various applications suited to user requirements.

The Need and challenges

The technologies currently available pose the following challenges:

* Very limited Range of operation.
* Loss of data or invalid data.
* Unreliable and Complicated.
* Expensive.
* Designed for Single Application only.
* Non User Friendly.

Potential Benefits of the product designed over the current technology:

* Local range offered up to 1500m outdoors line of sight and 60m indoors.
* Remote range is infinite as long as the ...

Uriel Corporation's products offer 122 revolutionary features and benefits, most of which have never before been available in lighting products. Our products target Outdoor, Indoor, Vehicular, Marine, Mobile, Portable, and Special Purpose LED Lighting.

Some proprietary options are:
Cameras having the ability to move in conjunction with our light panels.
Integrated sensors, the activation of which will determine lighting direction, and where sensors will provide data for countless applications including sensing of chemical, biological, radiological, and other threats, for sensing motion, for following motion, for recording the motion path, for temperature analysis, weather, infrared, UV, touch, proximity, quality control in manufacturing, medical sensing, engineering and scientific sensing, surveillance, and other applications where sensor data is desirable.

Imagine single pendrive or memory card containing ALL your data.
Imagine Smartphone or tablet having installed ALL applications available in the app store.
Imagine camera containing ALL your photos and videos.
Imagine portable electronic devices having UNLIMITED memory size.

Impossible? Not anymore.

We named this solution NEM – Never Ending Memory. It is composed of very good known technologies. We just connected them a little differently.

The idea is very simple. We replaced Flash memory with dual port Flash memory, where second port is connected to the storage cloud through LTE interface. That is all.

Dual port Flash have a role of cache memory. It contains only small part of user’s data (few dozen gigabytes). NEM reports the capacity ...

Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division is pleased to announce the release of the Parker Remote Manager mobile application for the Interact Xpress and Parker Factory Display products. Parker is delivering “Information Anywhere” to your mobile phone and tablet! Remote Manager is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Now customers can monitor and control their Parker Factory Display or Xpress system from anywhere using your mobile phone or tablet.

Supported devices and platforms include:

- iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5
- iPad2, iPad mini
- iOS version 4.3 and higher
- Android OS version 4.2.2

Download, setup and use is easy:

- Log-in using the machine IP address, username and password
- User configured alarm notifications via text or email ...

The PMAL will be a compact multi-function laser device, integrated optionally at the external side of an astronaut’s suit.

It will be used as a Laser Doppler device – pointer – distance meter – emergency position indicator – morse signal beacon.

The laser beam will be selected in the visual wavelength and in safe margins of output power. Special attention must be given during the design of the PMAL, on product safety (e.g. short-circuit fire) and the possible effects on other equipment onboard the suit, the targets etc. (e.g HIRF) in the working environment of space.

The readings of the PMAL could be shown on the helmet mounted displays of the astronauts and could also be used as verification ...

Nation-crippling failures of Extra-High-Voltage (EHV) transformers from geomagnetic induced currents (GICs) caused by earth-directed solar coronal mass ejections (CMEs) have been quantified and impacts highlighted by our mass media for more than a decade. Unaddressed, durations of the power distribution outages will be determined by new/repaired transformer replacements available from very few suppliers.

Transformer protection schemes are intended to enable timely grid disconnections of transformers experiencing excessive GICs which shift excitation operating points that cause rapid thermal insulation damage (described below). Costs of the hardware associated with proposed approaches often appear attractive, but require costly high-voltage installations, inhibiting wide-scale implementation and creating vulnerability to inappropriate activation or compromise. Monitoring only GIC-caused Wye-grounding currents to justify switching (e.g., more than ...

With the introduction to new conductive inks and toners, printing circuits onto
unconventional materials is now possible. This project involves printing electromagnetic coils onto both sides of a paper substrate. With a simple hole punch the coil circuits can be connected in series with conductive ink, glue or foil.

The direction of the coils (left hand and right hand) are configured to cumulate the field for coils aligning front side and back side. However, each set repels the next set which are folded in a zig-zag pattern resulting
in a expansion or contraction (depending on electrical polarity).

This arrangement is very simple, low cost, bio-degradeable, and light weight.

Additional articulation can be accomplished by printing ...

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