Beverages consumed by humans come in two mediums which are hot and cold. Hot beverages are prepared with the mixture of boiling water while cold beverages are readily available by freezing or by inserting ice cubes.

The problem we face in our fast moving life is misplacing things and spending our valuable time searching for them. What if we have a device which tells you about the location in a second's time? Here,

How many times have you wished to have a small, versatile, intuitive, easy to operate, precise, informative, useful, fast, low cost, audio and low frequency, spectrum analyser module for all-round projects? I always dreamed about that. I tried many types of spectrum analysers for measuring low frequencies,

The ICPDigital™ Dynamic Accelerometer, from The Modal Shop, Inc., is the first integrated and ruggedized high-resolution, broad-frequency piezoelectric accelerometer with internal digital data acquisition. Conforming to both USB and Windows® or Linux audio driver standards,

The Problem:
When you arise in the morning, you are usually woken up by an annoying alarm and sometimes you don’t wake up at all. Alarm clocks can be unreliable and rude. Your companion might scream at you for waking them with your alarm. The solution? Vibration.

Finally, it's here! You asked for it, and we've developed it. The TDWLB series certified Bluetooth pressure (with optional temperature) transducer is an extremely unique, innovative, and powerful sensor that finally addresses the needs of a wide variety of industries.

The objective of this system is to develop a proof of concept model to demonstrate the use of the system for spontaneous advertisement/circular using wireless communication based on RF module- nRF24L01. This is implemented with Atmega16 development board interfaced with RF module and LED matrix for displaying the data.

Consumers always look for brand quality and if accessories are manufactured by the same brand company customer will go for that only.

X Gadget means external gadget with mobile phone, for example external one is headphone, another touch pen, etc. 

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