Fast ergonomics display animation is a three positions visualization of alternate physical process in time of its development. Human vision operator is responsible for effective reception, adequate reaction appropriate stimuli. Ergonomics resolve task of optimization information data, delivered to the end user.

In industry where rotating machinery is everywhere, the sounds made by engines and compressors give operating and maintenance personnel first level indications that things are OK.

Current emergency locator beacons transmit their current GPS location as it changes repeatedly.

The GPX2 Time to Digital Converter (TDC) is designed for applications where high single shot resolution to 10 picoseconds, best pulse pair resolution of 4 nano seconds and high measurement rate are required. The GPX2 is ideal for high end LIDAR, spectroscopy,

To date, sources and detectors operating in 0.1 to 10 THz spectrum have been inefficient or too difficult to fabricate because the frequencies are too high for electronics or too slow for optical devices. This section of the spectrum is broadly known as the Terahertz (THz) gap.

Purpose of the compensator
The purpose of the compensator is protection of sensitive, high power, medium voltage industrial installations against dips, sags and short duration interruptions in public power network. 

Offered in our works is a conception of new technology for production of solar panels, which provides a high level of heat removal from these batteries operating under intense solar radiation. Using thermography,

Intelligent Fuel Trimmer (IFT) is an intermediate electronic module that deploys in between OEM Engine Control Unit (ECU) and fuel injectors of an automobile.

Keeping in mind the worse situation of our country especially in the world where there is a shortage of power supplies, this model of lighting note books and note pads are designed.

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