Fast ergonomics display animation is a three positions visualization of alternate physical process in time of its development. Human vision operator is responsible for effective reception, adequate reaction appropriate stimuli. Ergonomics resolve task of optimization information data, delivered to the end user. Optimal three positions data set is a technical process parameter for fast data ...

In industry where rotating machinery is everywhere, the sounds made by engines and compressors give operating and maintenance personnel first level indications that things are OK. But that first level of just listening or thumping and listening is not enough for the necessary predictive maintenance used for equipment costing into the millions of dollars or supporting the operation of a production facility.

Normally, every machine in an industry produces certain levels of vibration according to different parameters. In addition to this allowable vibration levels, each machine defect produces vibrations with distinctive characteristics. This can be measured and compared with reference ones in order to perform the fault detection and diagnosis. The primary objective of our analyzer is to find ...

Current emergency locator beacons transmit their current GPS location as it changes repeatedly. This First Location GPS emergency locator buoy-beacon repeatedly informs rescuers of the GPS location where the plane first went down in water and its current position after the buoy-beacon is moved by wind or current because sometimes transmissions are not received until long after the crash that activated them. This floating buoy-beacon for planes transmits its continual intermittent repeating bursts containing its first and current GPS location. It could also transmit a sequence of positions and times starting from when it was first deployed. The waterproof brightly colored buoy-beacon is ejected from the bottom or top of an aircraft (or both) automatically when a combination hydrostatic ...

Conventional radioisotope batteries use pn-junctions made of silicon. Silicon is very susceptible to radiation damage. Hence, conventional radioisotope batteries are limited to using weakly radiative nuclear fuel like tritium or Nickel-63, so as to reduce radiation damage to the silicon. The result is a pathetic power output of milli-Watts.

My invention proposes using Uranium-238 dioxide [UO2] as the semiconductor material to make the pn-junction. UO2 is very radiation tolerant. A pn-junction made from UO2 will not malfunction under high radiation flux. This allows us to use more powerful nuclear fuel like Plutonium-238 oxide, hence yielding a greater power output.

UO2 is good in stopping radiation. Hence, it can double up as a shield to protect the human ...

The GPX2 Time to Digital Converter (TDC) is designed for applications where high single shot resolution to 10 picoseconds, best pulse pair resolution of 4 nano seconds and high measurement rate are required. The GPX2 is ideal for high end LIDAR, spectroscopy, medical and a variety of military applications requiring high performance and reliability while still having low power consumption that is compatible with battery powered devices. These devices can also be used to measure high speed rising and falling edges as well as pulse widths, making them ideal for automated test equipment. The GPX2 is also very suited to high energy physics time of flight applications including single photon counting.

The GPX2 is the latest in a ...

To date, sources and detectors operating in 0.1 to 10 THz spectrum have been inefficient or too difficult to fabricate because the frequencies are too high for electronics or too slow for optical devices. This section of the spectrum is broadly known as the Terahertz (THz) gap.

The Graphene Electromagnetic Emitter (GEME) has been designed to fill some of the THz gap. It is a new type of frequency source designed to produce terahertz frequencies based on a synchrotron architecture and a graphene Field Effect Transistor (FET). This frequency source produces a single frequency output ranging from 10 GHz to 1000 GHz (0.01 to 1 THz) with 1 mW of output power. The preliminary power dissipation is expected to ...

Purpose of the compensator
The purpose of the compensator is protection of sensitive, high power, medium voltage industrial installations against dips, sags and short duration interruptions in public power network. The increasing number of non-linear and unstable devices connected to the public grid results at deterioration of the power system reliability consisting in large number of voltage disturbances of short duration such as:
surges (1), flickers (2), voltage deviations (3), dips (4), interruptions (5) and wave shape disturbances (5).
It results at the malfunctioning of the sensitive high power, MV industrial installations and large losses.
UPS-like devices are not suitable for protecting such industrial installations. More than 90 % of public grid failures are the short-time disturbances, it ...

Offered in our works is a conception of new technology for production of solar panels, which provides a high level of heat removal from these batteries operating under intense solar radiation. Using thermography, it was shown that application of new materials and technologies allows efficient heat removal from silicon elements that are inclined to degradation at temperatures above 80 °C. Simultaneously, the offered technical solutions lower mechanical strains in silicon convertors of solar energy. As known, diffusion processes are enhanced in mechanical strain fields, therefore heat removal and weakening the mechanical strains have a positive effect on efficiency and durability of silicon solar panels.

Using the infrared imager, we obtained thermograms both from the front and back sides of ...

Intelligent Fuel Trimmer (IFT) is an intermediate electronic module that deploys in between OEM Engine Control Unit (ECU) and fuel injectors of an automobile. The function of this module is to modify (Amplify or Attenuate) the OEM ECU injector pulse width for each of the four PWM signals which control the fuel injectors. In simple words this device manipulates the amount of injected fuel. It makes the engine more fuel efficient and allows it to run on different fuel mixtures. An implementation result proves the functionality of the designed module in ...

Keeping in mind the worse situation of our country especially in the world where there is a shortage of power supplies, this model of lighting note books and note pads are designed. This is of a very low cost and more efficient and comes in handy for students to use for reading at nighttime when there is no power supply and at the time of traveling.
1.) Plastic sheet model
2.) Ply wood model

1.) 14”X9”-A4,LARGE SIZE
2.) 9”X 8”-HALF SIZE
3.) 4 ½” X 4” -1/4 SIZE
4.) 12” X 8” -3/4 SIZE
We can design it in the above four sizes and bring ...

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