A new family of Programmable Fans and Blowers which may be reprogrammed by the user to invoke various features, performance curves, thermal tracking and alarming. The fan/blower is sold as a standard feature product, pre-tested and environmentally encapsulated.

Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology has been proven in the commercial sector since the early 1990’s. Today’s rapid advancement in mobile telephone reliability and power management capabilities exemplifies the effectiveness of the SDR technology for the modern communications market. In contrast,

A computer system is usually comprised of one or more processors - for example, microcontrollers or microprocessors - and some software that will execute on such processor(s): this software may be created, for example, using a programming language such as ‘C’.

In many cases, processors are “embedded”

With all of today's technology out there I think it could be incorporated into a cell phone to SAL ( Save A Life ). I think a cell phones GPS could be used to track your speed when driving.

SentryHound™ cell phone detection security portal is triggered when cell phones (or other ferromagnetic material) pass by its sensors.

This is a complete system which can be controlled by mobile SMS. It can be used as an entertainment system for playing audio and video files through SMS.

Holodeck Technology today
A holodeck, in the fictional Star Trek series, a simulated reality facility on starships. Holodeck is depicted as an enclosed room in which objects & people are simulated by projected holographic images.

Star Trek Holodeck was inspired by New York inventor and holographer, Gene Dolgoff.

A systems approach aids the visually or hearing impaired via Google Glass or other Heads Up Display (HUD), WiFi, and GPS to identify points of interest in buildings or venues, called Locations.

It is a talking calculator. It gives a voice output. Mainly useful for the blind and low vision patients. There is a voice for every operation on the calculator. The bright LED display will display the numbers and the result after the execution of operation.

The Beowulf Plateau is a variation of a b-cluster with some unique differences. Unlike a traditional b-cluster, the nodes are contained within one centrally located form-factor, a desk. Although it’

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