Problem to be addressed

Real time diagnostics and consumer data collection to enhance product modifications.

The Solution


The proposed system enhances current technologies to create a solution that is useful for the automobile consumer, as well as the manufacturer’s research department. It begins with the vehicles navigation system, interlacing with the automobile’s diagnostic monitoring system.

Consumer Platform

Diagnostic Alarm system

The system provides constant diagnosis to the owner of the automobile. This means the entire driving and safety system is monitored constantly. There are certain codes that are sent into the computer as the car runs that tells the system the health of the automobile. If the wrong codes enter the main computer or no code at all ...

The device comes in the form of a mini-computer is a laptop or mini-server. It has the ability to integrate multiple embedded systems with multiple uses. It can be fully autonomous and has a memory access size which can enable important storage of computer files.

The device has wireless network access (wireless) for up-to-date softwares and databases. Power can be used through the sector or USB source computer. The device has a battery that can be rechargeable in the field or on a USB connector.

The purpose of the device is based on the safety and protection of the rights of authors either on a computer or any digital media.

Each embedded system is selectable by a directly viewable on ...

My name is Joseph Szokody. I have been in business working with different products, for over 25 years in Atlanta, GA and Mebane, NC. A friend and I came up with an great idea for a product that sends a signal to a cell phone when something happens. An alarm could be sent when a door stays open, something valuable moves, pets move too far, children are monitored, and items in a home or business are moved. How about a security assistant?

This was the birth of Blumove, the 1st Bluetooth beacon product using the new BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and AES encryption technology. We started product development in January 2013, by gathering data and worked with Laird Technology ...

Generally, a LAN wire is used to access network communication (Laptop - Laptop LAN connection). But having additional pins than in a LAN wire, there is a chance of even charge transfer if required.

This technique can also happen by connecting the LAN wire to the LAN port and the Laptop (LAN PORT - Laptop).

For example, when a USB cable is conneced between a mobile and a laptop or a PC. The charge, even the data transfers. And even we can access and browse the files in the guest's system.

This specific technique comes into the play when our charging point is spoiled.

* * * * * * * * * ...

When implementing security on datacenter hosts, cpu bandwidth decreases and power consumption increases. The e-Science community performs large amounts of mass-data transfer often using Globus GridFTP, a de facto standard. Wire-rate mechanisms for GridFTP with speed-up through compression and securing through encryption previously did not exist in architecture or actual systems.

Smartphones also require green and speed performance. Security software increases power consumption, shortens battery lifetime, and lowers the smartphone OS speed and usability. The latest hardware-assisted software moves protection closer to the OS, but overall is still a software implementation which slows the smartphone.

We created Grid-X Cloud Security to improve privacy of GridFTP, add encryption and compression through a patent-pending architecture. We also created Grid-X Mobile Security, ...

Nano/ microfilaments of Copper can conduct electricity 9 to 30% more efficiently. This is my Open Source Science contribution.

Electricity conductors, nowadays, are still constrained to physical approaches. Chemistry has been for decades put apart.In some free lance research for the last 20 years, we got across very interesting effects. Effects that were used by the Milenary Andean Civilization.

Microfilaments (Nano/Micro) depend today on theoretical/academic approaches. Science research fields do not speak with each other, nor they want to look back into the past 10,000 years of Civilization...

As my first picture shows, electricity behavior in a conductor is inneficient. Efficiency comes from a) reducing the conductivity roads to the minimum b) make it th readable i.e. Handy.

Lets ...

Today there is the high demand to have the cheap and large displays that are transparent to the light.

There is some simple and easy way that could you imagine taking the look on the modern lights that we use on the New Year for the decorations.

The technology is the long tube with the diodes of the different colors inside. How could we make the large tissue or paper for the dynamic pictures?

There are a lot of technologies of carbon optic fibres production. It is possible to put the diode inside the fibre while production. As we have the fibres of the sets of diodes we can send the power to all the grid wireless the same ...

Presenting the EASIEST FASTEST AND most ACCURATE STENCIL/Paper CUTART making tool.

You need to do SCREEN PRINTING or SPRAY PAINTING or want to customize your clothes with custom graphics. You need stencils for all of them. How to cut stencils, so you have been using a blade or a paper knife for the same. but you know how difficult and slow process it is, and you keep spoiling your works again and again.

The solution is here in the form of a pen which has corrosive ink in it. When you heat up the paper, the ink burns off the paper from places it has been marked with.

So you can extract designs from the paper easily and real ...

In the recent past, humans have put huge stress on the environment to meet their travel demands. One such example is fossil fuel which is fast depleting to meet the global transportation needs. Various research has happened and is happening in developing sustainable technologies that can meet future demands of mankind. We all travel across the globe for conferences & meetings. While alternatives to avoid travel exist in the form of video conferencing, teleconference & tele-presence, all these technologies have limitations and that is one cannot meet the attendees in person.

The whole intent of this idea is to cut down the travel. Imagine you have a digitized 3D body of yours in 1:1 ratio, ...

This invention is applicable to automotive vehicles & railway wagons & bogies. The invention was initiated with the intention to substantiate the braking efficiency of an automotive vehicle or a railway wagon/bogie.

The basic action comprises of activation of the alternator during the brake application duration by means of 12V EMF field excitation current. This current can be provided to the stator of the drive axle alternator through a circuit comprising of brake pedal switch which is thrown ON whenever the brake pedal is operated & is kept ON until the time the Brake Pedal is kept pressed down. During this period the alternator generates AC current which is fed to the car battery after rectification to 12V DC ...

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