The device comes in the form of a mini-computer is a laptop or mini-server. It has the ability to integrate multiple embedded systems with multiple uses. It can be fully autonomous and has a memory access size which can enable important storage of computer files.

My name is Joseph Szokody. I have been in business working with different products, for over 25 years in Atlanta, GA and Mebane, NC. A friend and I came up with an great idea for a product that sends a signal to a cell phone when something happens.

Generally, a LAN wire is used to access network communication (Laptop - Laptop LAN connection). But having additional pins than in a LAN wire, there is a chance of even charge transfer if required.

When implementing security on datacenter hosts, cpu bandwidth decreases and power consumption increases. The e-Science community performs large amounts of mass-data transfer often using Globus GridFTP, a de facto standard.

Nano/ microfilaments of Copper can conduct electricity 9 to 30% more efficiently. This is my Open Source Science contribution.

Electricity conductors, nowadays, are still constrained to physical approaches. Chemistry has been for decades put apart.In some free lance research for the last 20 years,

Today there is the high demand to have the cheap and large displays that are transparent to the light.

There is some simple and easy way that could you imagine taking the look on the modern lights that we use on the New Year for the decorations.

Presenting the EASIEST FASTEST AND most ACCURATE STENCIL/Paper CUTART making tool.

You need to do SCREEN PRINTING or SPRAY PAINTING or want to customize your clothes with custom graphics. You need stencils for all of them. How to cut stencils,

In the recent past, humans have put huge stress on the environment to meet their travel demands. One such example is fossil fuel which is fast depleting to meet the global transportation needs.

This invention is applicable to automotive vehicles & railway wagons & bogies. The invention was initiated with the intention to substantiate the braking efficiency of an automotive vehicle or a railway wagon/bogie.

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