Transformers are used throughout the world as a means of changing the AC supply voltage. However these are imperfect solutions as they have substantial no-load losses, are less efficient at both high and low loads, have significant regulation with load (and the line out follows input line changes),


The person who is visually and physically impacted can use this device for his peaceful living. It actually works on the principle of binary coding with a microcontroller interface. It’s just like a glove.

We have developed and tested a strain gage that surpasses conventional foil technology, which is limited to less than 20 percent strains. This was a significant shortcoming given that new structural components on aerospace vehicles include highly elastic, low Young's modulus materials. For example,

Incandescent light bulbs are facing bans because they are a waste of energy and material due to extremely inferior efficiency and longevity.

Keeping music organized for each individual musician in an orchestra is a chaotic process. Music gets lost or misplaced, pages fall on the floor, pages get out of order. When everyone does get on the same page; the conductor's notations aren't easily shared by all.

NASA’s Langley Research Center has developed a novel method of depositing metal and metal oxide nanoparticles onto various substrates (see ACS Nano, 3(4), 871–884 [2009]). It is rapid, scalable, and green since it does not require reducing agents or solvents.

A suit that has capability to regulate the body temperature because of the sensors fitted in it. The sensors automatically detect the surrounding temperature and adjust the temp of body.

This is no longer the age of phone calls; it is the day and age of texting, tweeting, snapchatting, and facetiming. Everyone is texting somebody, which means that at some point, people are bound to get the wrong message. If you can end a phone call before it connects,

People problematically procrastinate too much on their phones which can be disruptive to their lives. Being slaves to these devices creates Stockholm syndrome. Who is really in control?

Motor vehicle theft for the relevant parts is a multi billion industry across the world. The insertion of electronic chips into the component parts would stop this level of theft as the components chip could be codified with the engine number. Similarly,

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