This device is designed to improve the quality of health in children with mild autism categorized as Aspenger syndrome. It is a glove equipped with sensors and an image projector.

Sensor No.1 will read the blood pressure, sensor No. 2 will capture the body temperature, and sensor No. 3 will provide information about the heartbeat of the child. The results will be sent to a computer or smart phone. In addition to, this device will be implemented with a sound and image projector, the images will be stored by a programming file or can be sent from a computer.

Images can be projected on any surface; the function of this image projector is to detect information according ...

Monitoring and control of greenhouse environment play an important role in greenhouse production and management. Greenhouse monitoring and controlling project is used to measure the various parameters like Temperature, Humidity and Light and to display them on a LCD. Temperature, Humidity and light are sensed by respective sensors. Sensor output is amplified and given to ADC. Micro-controller controls these parameters and keeps them at some predefined levels using relay interface. Appropriate environmental conditions are necessary for optimum plant growth, improved crop yields, and efficient use of water and other resources. Automating the data acquisition process of the soil conditions and various climatic parameters that govern plant growth allows information to be collected at high frequency with less labor requirements. ...

To avoid unnecessary time conception to find an empty slot in a car parking area. To reduce the traffic due to the egeo-vehicles. To reduce the accidents inside the parking area and to find the path of the fixed slot. Recognition of the available slot at the entrance itself.

To overcome the drawbacks of existing system, the sensor setups and control systems is to improve the performances of the system in standalone manner. Switching setup based sensor array for sensing the available parking slot. Limit switches are used as the sensing networks here. The information’s from the sensing network are passed to the control system. Control system monitor and control the slots using fuzzy logics and give information to ...

Abstract—Providing street lighting is one the most important and expensive responsibilities of a city. Street lighting is a particularly critical concern for public authorities in developing countries because of its strategic importance for economic and social stability. Continuous efforts are being made for alternative and sustainable power generation techniques. A well-designed, energy-efficient street lighting system should permit users to travel at night with good visibility, in safety and comfort, while reducing energy use and costs and enhancing the appearance of the neighbourhood.In this work,we have perused through some of these efforts at achieving the above mentioned energy efficient automated street lighting system with the help of piezoelectric materials and light dependent resistors(LDR).One of the most extensively-studied
properties of ...

BLIND STICK is electronic gadget mainly design and developed for the blind person.

The name itself denotes the product description. blind stick is not an ordinary stick ,it has a sensor that will guide the blind person on the streets. Now a days there a many sticks in market but they have not that much acceptable because of there cost.

Blind stick will be the revolution for all sticks on the market.
So what actually a blind stick is :
blind stick have mainly
1. Two obstacle detection sensor a) front side b) back side.
2. speaker for telling obstacle direction and distance.
3. ordinary stick.
4. micro-controller
5. small batteries

Two obstacle detection sensors will continuously ...

The Bluetooth Embedded Amplifier from Sun Hydraulics represents a totally new way to configure embedded amplifiers for hydraulic valve control without using a PC or connecting with wires. This new version of Sun’s successful Embedded Amplifier series can be configured via an iOS or Android app using Bluetooth for quick, easy, reliable wireless calibration.

This development means that technicians can now be in close proximity to observe machine operation but remain untethered and therefore completely safe when setting up and calibrating the machine behavior. Configuring without wires means the end of special cables, connectors and the need for an expensive PC in the field, relying instead on the phone already in your pocket.

It’s easy to imagine ...

Products idea:

1. Bluetooth Acoustic guitar Pickup and Receiver Module

The concept is that a Acoustic guitar player does not need to physically connect the guitar pickup chord to Guitar Amplifier or to a simple bluetooth speakers.

The concept design is shown in the design pdf ...

"Bomb Detector" Is Simple And Effective Device That Is Capable Of Detecting Any Explosive Material. It Is Cost Effective, Portable, Reliable And Accurate.
Bomb Detector Is Useful For Security Checking. It Can Be Used To Detect Slightly Big Size Metallic Objects. It Uses A Sensing Coil. This Coil Is Kept Near Metallic Objects For Detection. Input Of Circuit Is A Weak Colpitt's R.f. Range Oscillator. Sensing Coil Forms Parts Of Tuned Oscillator. When Coil Is Brought Near Metallic Object; Magnetic Energy Is Absorbed And Oscillator Fails To Work. Finally Transistor Conducts And Buzzer Is Activated. It Uses A 9v Battery. After Connecting Battery,the 4.7k Preset Is Adjusted Until Circuit Stops Sounding.

.Diode(in 4148)

Communication between human brain-brain without using any apparent physical communication is a field that needs intensive research. But this communication should be controlled as one does not want to communicate all the messages to be sent to the other brain. The brain-brain communication can be achieved by using wireless transmitter and wireless receiver method using the latest technological trends. For example, the brain can be interfaced medically and technologically with a tiny silicon chip as human body itself has electricity and brain work by means of neurotransmitters.

The other type of communication is between human brain and technological products like computers, cell phones, tablets etc. The same technology can be incorporated to achieve this goal.

One of most significant ...

My entry is to use my new cell phone application designed to daily program the subconscious and conscious mind toward successful goal achievement, getting rid of bad habits, and creating new habits in 21 days. The App opens a convenient tool for creating “command statement” affirmations using “your name” followed by “YOUR ARE” affirmations. Example: “Edward YOU ARE better at remembering names!”

Create twenty different affirmations each stated ten times for a 30 minute recording. The App gives examples of affirmations in six categories: health/fitness, financial, spiritual, emotional, education & learning, social & more. You can edit your affirmations, and save them in labelled file buttons when you feel and need to review certain affirmations. You can mix ...

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