This technology aims at developing an unobtrusive and minimally invasive assistive technology for people with severe disabilities.Tongue controlled technology detects the user’s voluntary tongue movement and translates it into user defined commands. Since the tongue is connected to the hypoglossal cranial nerve,

Description of "Personal Viewer Eyewear Display":

The Personal Viewer is an eyewear display (i.e. worn on the face like sunglasses) that presents its user with an ultra-wide field of view and has a low profile on the user's face and has very low weight. Additionally,

When you’re walking in the hallways, have you ever imagined building an extra cool device, which would enable you to navigate large objects without sight?


The electric eel generates large electric currents by way of a highly specialized nervous system that has the capacity to synchronize the activity of disc-shaped, electricity-producing cells packed into a specialized electric organ.

The growth of technology is witnessed every day and everywhere. From rural to urban areas we have technological innovations working and growing. There are medical experts in cities who treat and diagnose diseased people.

Often in our life we come across people with upper limb amputation. They face many troubles in performing chores of their daily life. The present assistive techniques available in the market are either only for cosmetic purpose or mechanical that is bulky and is highly expensive.

Background :
When an emergency braking situation occurs, people panic to control the vehicle to avoid the accident. But unlikely we should not be able to control the vehicle (refer Fig 1 to 5 without wind catcher). Why? Because all our primary, secondary,

Short Message Service (SMS) has become a user friendly way of communication between people because of its ability to convey information when unable to make a voice call. In this paper,

Today everywhere in the world use of mobile is increasing day by day because communication anywhere in the world is possible only in few seconds.

The technology developed is a monitoring system that includes a base station and at least one sensor unit mounted some distance away, which is in wireless, one-way communication with the base station.

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