NASA’s Langley Research Center researchers have developed a measurement acquisition system that uses magnetic fields to provide power to sensors and to acquire physical property measurements from them. Unlike traditional acquisition devices, this system has the ability to make multiple measurements of different,

The device consists of a wireless-type battery charger, compatible with the interface of most mobile devices (cell phone, Tablet), with a mechanical platform to control the distance between charger and device to give an optimal electrical current flow.

National Security-Defense Morale-Welfare-Recreation (MWR) next generation electronics power center is a multi-different types-kinds of devices mounted on a therapy chair system combination for managing troops discretionary unauthorized communications inside-outside of war zones, classified locations deployed or on any military installation domestic and foreign,

In the present day scenario, Agriculture uses 85% of fresh water resources and this percentage will increase in the future years. Hence the water and food demand should be met by the recent technologies for sustainable use of water.

Flexible field effect transistors (FET) reported till date contains polymers like PDMS (Poly-dimethyl siloxane) or PS (Polystyrene) as substrate or gate material. This possess serious limitations in terms of their fabrication procedure, repeatability, bio-degradability, bending and long-term aging response. In this work,

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) seeks partners interested in the commercial application of the Polyimide Wire Insulation Repair System technology. NASAs Kennedy Space Center is offering companies licensing for this innovative wire repair technology.

Enthusiasts and Hobbyists generally while working with electronics face a common problem to test their circuit designs, which is getting a right power source which could power their system.

And we try to get batteries and try to combine them to get the right supply,

People who travel for business often have the need to send and receive fax documents when away from the office. “Fax by email” services may satisfy this need in some locations, but the hazards of finding an appropriate Internet signal make this solution unsatisfactory in many places.

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises a world in which everything is connected by sensors to everything. The cost and logistics associated with installed wiring or using batteries to power these systems represent a significant cost. Our proprietary SemperCell technology,

Pre-assembled hermetic chip carrier for MMIC or ASIC or general purpose chips silicon base or quartz or other type electronic circuit chips.

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