Using binary number system for process data is the major bottleneck in manufacturing high capacity future processors. In order to solve this problem I have found a new solution.

When accessing the RBS Radio Base Station near your home one could call a bit cheaper. Customers could be signed up to the RBS nearest to their own home. When calling via home RBS they get more airtime.

Hummingbird is a hardware scheme designed to interface with a free VivaPlanet (http://www.vivaplanet.io/) data-analysis engine.

In today's world safety and precautions are a must while riding a two wheeler vehicle. The intelligent helmet has various innovations embedded in it to provide the user an effecient way of living.

The goal of this Project is to be able to recognize different emotions in EEG by the
use of a computer and signal processing. By recognizing it the Human Machine Interface (HMI) is developed for a machine to react to humans emotions.

“KOOL KORE – HOT MU” June, 29, 2015

Heat,T, generated in an electro-magnetic (e-m) core reduces the life time of the core and the core’s operational capability by reducing the core’s magnetic permeability (mu(T)). Therefore, it is undesirable to have heat in the magnetic core.

In the world, there are many rules and regulations made by the government, but no one is ready to follow the rules. We focus on traffic rules in this project. When we take a survey regarding death in accidents, it is because of HEAD INJURY.

Li-Fi (Light fidelity) is a wireless technology which is based on light as its name indicates and not on radio waves. Li-fi is the wireless communication system in which transmission of data is through illumination.

Many people dead and many more battling for life has turned the spotlight once more on the disastrous consequences of improper handling of cooking gas cylinders. Hundreds of blasts are happening every year due to leakage of LPG from cylinders.

Smartphones are smart because of their multitasking capabilities & even by their physical appearance. Considering physical appearance here is an interactive design in which people can feel & sense different materials for mobiles either than just metal & plastic. Choosing windows interface this mobile is been designed.

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