Quality is one of the most important concerns of our society. Many significant resources have been invested in order to ensure that certain products and services have the quality expected by the customer. Quality assurance systems are the key to success for many companies.

Additional difficulties can be found if quality of a perishable product is wanted to be ensured. Many products may require specific conditions of humidity, temperature, lighting, etc. There are several possible stages where the product may be affected by these conditions: transport, storage, final distribution... and sometimes companies have no direct control over them.

The solution proposed is a monitoring sticker device to be incorporated to every product. This device is designed to check real ...

Our team at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center has developed fiber optic sensing system (FOSS) technology that represents a major breakthrough in high-speed operational monitoring and sensing. Driven by ultra-efficient algorithms, FOSS can be used to determine in real time a variety of critical parameters, including strain, shape deformation, temperature, liquid level, and operational loads. This state-of-the-art sensor system delivers reliable measurements in the most demanding environments confronted by aerospace, automotive, and energy sectors. FOSS is ideal for monitoring the structural health of aircraft, buildings, and dams; improving the efficiency of turbines and industrial equipment; detecting instabilities within tunnels and power plants, and much more.

The system offers unprecedented levels of spatial density, as each of the eight 40-foot ...

Mobile battery drains quickly? Need to carry your mobile charger where ever you go? Well say bye bye to that problem because "Recharger" solves your problem. Simply drop a coin and recharge your mobile for a limited time. Time of recharge can be extended by additional coins. It is able to recharge various models of mobiles. Contain a lock box so you don't have to babysit your phone. Each "Recharger" can charge multiple mobiles and posses multiple lock boxes. An LCD screen provides visual information on charging time.

Power to charge a mobile can be obtained from either 'direct plug into power source' or 'rechargeable battery powered from solar panel'.

1) mobile charging circuit
2) charger protection circuit

Abstract— In PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), by modulating the relative time intervals corresponding to conduction and non-conduction periods, it is possible to spread the voltage during the period in such a way as to make the conduction time of the switching device practically proportional to the instantaneous value of the fundamental. The output voltage of PWM power inverters exhibits harmonic distortion due to the modulation algorithm, modulation frequency (2-20 KHz), modulation of the switching transients (100 KHz-100MHz), dc bus voltage, dead times(DT), voltage drop across switches(vds). As a result, loads driven by these inverters exhibit greater order of fluctuations. This work proposes to reduce the harmonic distortion using harmonics attenuators, modulation variations and reduce the distortion caused by dead ...

There are several different ways a remotely (10’s of meters or 100’s of meters) located object can be detected, or the object’s presence can be ensured. Some of these are namely:

1. Sending ultrasonic sound and receiving the reflected sound from the object. Principle used: Time of Flight measurement or TOF
2. Sending laser or LED light and detecting the reflected light from the object. Principle used: Time of Flight measurement or TOF.
3. Using a CCD camera, comparing successive images. If there is any discrepancy between two images, there could be something wrong with the object.
4. Sending pulsed laser light (Visible or IR), and detecting the scattered light from the object by lock-in amplification.

There ...

The project aims in designing a system which alerts the railway authorities when any fire accidents occurs in the train and this system also provides an immediate effect which controls fire using controlling system. At the railway station the system has a ZigBee module, a microcontroller unit, a PC with software and necessary driver and power supply units.

The progress in science and technology is a non-stop process. New things and new technology are being invented. As the technology grows day by day, we can imagine about the future in which thing we may occupy every place. The proposed system based on PIC microcontroller is found to be more compact, user friendly and less complex, which can readily be ...

My idea behind Self Conductive Cell is to provide endless power source to any electronic system where it is suitable to use. In this cell three components are there. Those are diodes, Silicon and Aluminum Mixture block and Silicon and Phosphorus mixture block. These blocks are separated by PN junction diodes. All the diodes, Silicon-Aluminum and Silicon-Phosphorus blocks are placed in the cell according to the figure.

Movement of electrons inside the cell as follows

1) Free electrons available in the Silicon-Phosphorus block is more than Silicon-Aluminum Mixture block which is placed in the bottom of the cell. So PN junction diode placed in between them will be forward biased (Diode will be placed accordingly).

2) The diode placed ...

SmarTact and SmarTact+ can bring sights to your eyes that you normal wouldn't be able to see. By communicating with your smart device(s) that most people have. Also through the use of apps made for the SmarTact and SmarTact+ you can get anything you may need shown to you. These contacts will allow you to see your messages, videos, and anything an app programed for it displayed in front of your eyes. Examples of what a app might be able to do, changing your eye color, allowing you to see at night, allowing you to play a game right in front of you, and even reading your iris for security and accessing another smart device. The normal contact and ...

Smartphone falling impact protection, it’s application

Problem Statement
Today’s era is of smartphones, pc-tablets. These gadgets have thin and large touch-screens with very high sensitivity. The major problem with these gadgets is no availability of good protection from damage as they fall from a height. Mostly, the part that gets damaged after falling is its screen which constitutes 60-70% of its overall cost. To save this huge loss, there should be efficient design for these kind of gadgets.

Solution Statement
Impact and change in momentum equation,
F= (mv2-mv1)/t
If v2=0
Then, F=mv/t,
From the equation, as increase in the time of collision, we have less magnitude of force bear by the smartphone/gadget. So, by selecting the suitable technique ...

Since March of 1876, when the first successful voicecall was made, the era of communication has moved to video calling resulting in the use of 3 organs, namely ears to listen, eyes to see, and mouth to interact verbally.

Our revolutionary idea promises completeness in communication by a unique system. We have come up with a device which enables the user to communicate through smell. Which means that the user can send the prominent smell, aroma of the surrounding to the other user. Odor can be broken down into basic mixture of some primary molecules (reference:what the nose knows by Dr.Avery Gilbert) we use this property as a breakthrough to our communication system.

The device consists of 3 main ...

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