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After helping to make the World a safer place with the 'Life Safety' ASPCA standard for power and communications, I now introduce the mechanism for Distributed Power Processing which will revolutionize power/energy distribution around the World. Solar has come of Age. Todays massive increases in PV efficiency combined with the lower cost, combined with Solar Trackers increasing output by 20-30% this has brought Solar Energy of Age now. Why build solar solutions only designed to dent your power bill? Why add to your home safety by putting low efficiency fixed PV panels to your roof? US Fire Marshall has found and decided that Class B&C type installations should be illegal and unsafe. Why toss your past investment out?

Today ...

The idea to set up a work station tanks of seawater length of 15 meters and width of 50 meters and a height of 30 centimeters. These reservoirs are placed on the sea shore at a low level of sea level and connected to the sea by pipes which flow sea water to water reservoirs automatically as a result of the low level of sea level.

The tanks are made of metal a good conductor of heat, such as 316 Stainless Steel Wash resistance to rust and corrosion, salts and painted black to increase heat absorption such as solar water heaters.

The tanks placed inside greenhouses collect the light energy of the sun pass and converted ...

The present scenario of electrical power generation is towards wind and solar power to reduce the global warming which has adverse effects on environment, health, loss of property and lives. Even though there is a lot of wind potential all over the world, the present wind turbines are not preferable for heavy wind zone areas. Self-oriented flap turbine (SOFT) can provide solution in wind power generation even at heavy wind zone areas.

SOFT is a vertical axis wind turbine with flat or curved wings. The rotor consisting at least three equally spaced apart wings mounted on the support structure defining and rotatable about a main vertical axis. Each wing consists single or multiple wind reacting elements called flap ...

The pump takes the water from the tank and pushes it to turn the cupped wheel then the water returns to the tank, so it never runs out of water.The cupped wheel turns the turbine creating electricity to operate the pressure pump and have enough electricity to power other electric devices. It can be built small enough to power a car, built big enough to power a small city, is mobile, and environment friendly.And like any wind turbine, it can be connected to the power grid or can be the main power supply for most applications. It is a fuel-free, endless supply of energy. So it can be applied in cars, small cities, Mars. outer space. It will cutback ...

Portable Energy Harvesting Magnetic Refrigerator

Refrigeration is one of the main source in many sectors such as Food processing Industries, Materials manufacturing industries, Pharmaceutical industries and the list goes on. In a typical refrigerator, a circulating refrigerant such as Freon enters the compressor as a vapor. The vapor is compressed at constant entropy and exits the compressor superheated. The superheated vapor travels through the condenser which first cools and removes the superheat and then condenses the vapor into a liquid by removing additional heat at constant pressure and temperature. The liquid refrigerant goes through the expansion valve (also called a throttle valve) where its pressure abruptly decreases, causing flash evaporation and auto-refrigeration of, typically, less than half ...

In Indian society, the main concern of the people living in urban areas is to store and minimize the wastage of municipal water supplies to households. This storage is regularized with the help of overhead tank attached with motor and submersible pumps.

Semi-Automatic Overflow Tank System (SOTS) is device that regulates this system of storing water in overhead tank by automatically switching off the pump when the tank is full. This device saves water as well as electricity and proves to be a step in sustainable development of consumer products.

SOTS device works on mechanical linkages combined together to form a complete electromechanical device capable of performing the given task. A MCB switch is used to power on and ...

Hybrid vehicle of series-parallel type may have dual mode to improve performances and energy efficiency. Unfortunately, the shifting of the mode may involve complications with additional planetary gears, friction clutches and complex control system.

Here after, a special dog clutch can avoid such complexities and in addition, can suppress torque disruption, even during electric-hybrid change.

Fig. 1 and the following links
describe an innovative double mode architecture where the shifting of the mode occurs when the speeds of the shafts are equal, and their torques are low but not null. Several control systems, more or less complex, can manage the last difficulty.

We describe a new shifting device which tolerates ...

1. Introduction: There are a number of facilities in urban India which require large amounts of potable water as well as hot water. The two most common examples of such usage are Hotels and Hospitals. Since both of these user sectors have large occupancy, the water requirement is also large and concurrent. Generally the source of both of these i.e. potable water and hot water are entirely different. While potable water is supplied by a local government-run water supply authority, the hot water is provided by a hot water generator/boiler which is typically fired by conventional fuels such as Diesel Oil, Natural Gas; etc. It follows that such a system is not only consuming a large amount of greenhouse-generating ...


The BE-Wind product line is unique in the world, it is the only dual vertical wind system with a Deflector (Diversion) shield on the market today. This design has come about after many years of development and testing. The patented design is going to revolutionize the Function and the way we approach small wind technology.

All vertical wind systems on the market today, regardless of their specs, are very inefficient, just because of the process in which they produce rotation.

1) The same wind that creates rotation on any vertical system also creates resistance. The fact that the parabolic drive side has a larger volume of air flow and force, creates rotation.

My Aquamatic Systems monitor the soil moisture in up to 4 locations and control the watering of the soil as needed. Sensors placed in the soil feed information to a controller operated by digital logic devices and determine amount of water to release.

Systems will operate with 24vac from household timers, a solar cell/battery or 110v DC Converters.

Systems are presently in use with a Hydroponics Grow Bed maintaining the cycling of water between 2 tanks as well.

Material parts for these systems vary as to power source, but range from $10 to
$50 making them very affordable for the average ...

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