Sustainable Technologies

After helping to make the World a safer place with the 'Life Safety' ASPCA standard for power and communications, I now introduce the mechanism for Distributed Power Processing which will revolutionize power/energy distribution around the World. Solar has come of Age.

The idea to set up a work station tanks of seawater length of 15 meters and width of 50 meters and a height of 30 centimeters.

The present scenario of electrical power generation is towards wind and solar power to reduce the global warming which has adverse effects on environment, health, loss of property and lives. Even though there is a lot of wind potential all over the world,

The pump takes the water from the tank and pushes it to turn the cupped wheel then the water returns to the tank, so it never runs out of water.

Portable Energy Harvesting Magnetic Refrigerator

Refrigeration is one of the main source in many sectors such as Food processing Industries, Materials manufacturing industries, Pharmaceutical industries and the list goes on. In a typical refrigerator, a circulating refrigerant such as Freon enters the compressor as a vapor.

In Indian society, the main concern of the people living in urban areas is to store and minimize the wastage of municipal water supplies to households. This storage is regularized with the help of overhead tank attached with motor and submersible pumps.

Hybrid vehicle of series-parallel type may have dual mode to improve performances and energy efficiency. Unfortunately, the shifting of the mode may involve complications with additional planetary gears, friction clutches and complex control system.

Here after, a special dog clutch can avoid such complexities and in addition,

1. Introduction: There are a number of facilities in urban India which require large amounts of potable water as well as hot water. The two most common examples of such usage are Hotels and Hospitals. Since both of these user sectors have large occupancy,


The BE-Wind product line is unique in the world, it is the only dual vertical wind system with a Deflector (Diversion) shield on the market today. This design has come about after many years of development and testing.

My Aquamatic Systems monitor the soil moisture in up to 4 locations and control the watering of the soil as needed. Sensors placed in the soil feed information to a controller operated by digital logic devices and determine amount of water to release.

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