Sustainable Technologies

Urban space were divided by several main streets. When the city grows, locations around the main streets would be preferred, and the rest "back streets" became deserted. Because nobody wants to lose the direct access to the commute route, not for the residency or commercial. Or,

This 'Expander' enables a major improvement in Compressed Air Energy Systems ("CAES") used for storage and recovery of Grid-Scale energy. It eliminates the present burning of fuel during energy recovery. Instead,

In today’s developing world scenario power generation is one of the major factors which helps in the development of a country. There are many different ways by which power can be produced. These methods include thermal power stations, nuclear power stations etc.

Now, I will explain about a Perpetual Motion Machine using an Inverse Magnetostrictive Effect. I hope this Machine is to contribute to solving the world‘s energy problems. Also, please see the attached YouTube video. This YouTube video will help you to understanding the invention.

Plasma treatment of a slurry with a content of environmentally hazardous materials
Milan Korostenski (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. w1521)

Plasma treatment is a process suitable for treating environmentally hazardous sludge/slurry fluids. Plasma is suitable for the final step in the treatment of evaporator sludge.

Poor man HVAC is a system of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning designed for homeowners to increase the quality of life in an eco-friendly way.

Hydro power is the backbone of carbon dioxide free energy generation, about 22% of the world’s electricity production comes from hydro power installations .Most machines that make electricity need some form of mechanical energy to get things started. Mechanical energy spins the generator to make the electricity.

The problem of electricity from the problems that plague society and the Company for Electricity has estimated electricity deficit of 4,000 mega in Egypt also it incur a $ 3.3 billion due to the external costs of power plants,

Known vehicle suspensions equipped with steel springs feature generally linear damping characteristic determined by a generally constant spring stiffness k = dF/dx, where F is force and x is suspension's flex. This spring stiffness k can be chosen to be optimal only for a fixed vehicle mass m.


Puri pods basically stands for purification pods as these machines purify water and also are capsule or pod like shaped.

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