Sustainable Technologies

A concept specially suited for concrete, ferro-cement, or other one-piece hulls. If hull is built with double walls, a thick wall in the outer side, exposed to elements, and a thinner in the inner side, separated by a few centimetres, if the space between outer and inner hull is divided into cells, and cells filled with a solid foam, e.g. Expanded Polystyrene, it may act both as blocking water leaks from outside, and as bidirectional sound and thermal insulation adding little weight and complexity to design and ...

Hydroelectric power plant is one of the renewable electricity resources extensively used for power production. But these power plants are located near hilly regions and are not designed for plain areas. Most of the perennial rivers have good water current throughout the years. This high water current can be used to produce electricity by using special mechanical arrangements.

Wing arrangements in the design are the important to produce the required rotary motion for the water flow in the river. The wing is designed to trap the energy supplied from the flowing water. The fabrication of this dynamic wing turbine is simple and can be implemented in all the rivers across the nation. Since the power produced by this method ...

Over 65% of the electrical energy used today is generated by burning fossil fuels, such coal, natural gas or petroleum.
However, due to stricter regulations concerning carbon dioxide emissions and higher costs of hydrocarbon fuel sources, electrical energy generation from renewable will likely replace traditional fossil-fuel-based technologies.
Unfortunately, wind turbines require heavy towers, foundations, and large blades, which require substantial capital investments

Airborne wind turbines, which utilize flying kites, provide an exciting alternative to traditional wind turbines and could prove to be more cost effective they can be deployed at higher altitude were winds are stronger and more predictable and typically such kites do not require such large infrastructure.

Drawbacks of Traditional wind turbine:

Many nations unlike, India have a very large network of roads and so is the power scarcity in our cities and mainly villages. Our main sources of power generation are hydel, thermal and tidal. The usage of vertical wind mills is generally practiced in tidal energy. The energy generated is not 100% eco-friendly as it disturbs the wind velocity by reducing it. We have a road network of 46,89,842 kilometres in India, the second largest network in the world.

These roads utilise a lot of power to illuminate the surrounding, traffic lights, toll booths etc. wherever electricity is required on the roads. They generally use power using the transmission lines from the power house or sometimes diesel generators. This ...


Enclosure lucratively modernizes infrastructures. The reduced cost of providing a smaller structural and technological undertaking pales in comparison to today's cost and the values of all the increased efficiencies and enhanced capabilities which will reliably come out of their integration into a secure and controlled environment.
Accomplishing that collective of todays distribution processes in a secure environment will invite these processes to begin utilizing existing abilities which cannot be so easily or reliably achieved in the highly restricted open air environments of today's processes. An opportunity to begin technologically evolving with out the vast bulk of time, energy, resource consumptions, and impacts caught up in todays prolonged and increasingly antiquated processes.

Integrating these distribution processes ...

Internal combustion engines are a big source of pollution all around the world.. So when the efficiency of such engines is improved the environmental impact is diminished.

Nowadays, in an internal combustion gasoline engine, the throttle have a butterfly valve that directly regulates the amount of air entering the engine, aiming the maintenance of a relatively constant fuel / air ratio in the combustion chamber.

The accelerator pedal closes or open a such a valve. In a fuel injection engine, this valve is placed in the intake manifold inlet, and housed in the throttle body. In an engine having a carburetor, the carburetor is found.

When the throttle is opened, the intake manifold is normally at ...

My invention one important to my life my family and to all people believe the words of freedom, and Love and Peace. All of this the design the song all are coming to my real hearth. I know this is simple but I know this is not only for me and my family this is to you and your family and to all people around me and around you.

The meaning of the logo 1, the 2 hand meaning this is our lord hand try to hold our world to protect us and protect our house, 2. world design this our house, need to protect. 3. the Key, we are the key how to open our world and protect ...

In the importance of wind power generation, many types of wind turbine model were developed. The present horizontal axis wind turbines required yaw control mechanism to orient the blades into the wind direction for maximum power generation. This requires additional accessories and increasing the complexity of system.

The proposed Jelly fish wind turbine’s unique design makes it simple and does not require yaw control mechanism. By virtue of the shape of the rotor-blade automatically aligns its direction facing the wind to produce the maximum power output.

Jelly Fish wind turbine is having rotor forming elliptical cup shape with minimum 2 twisted blades separated equally apart. The rotor blade is supported between two circular rings one is ...


Generation of Energy via harnessing the immense engine exhaust power of an aircraft taking off and landing at an airport with the use of wind energy generators.

Power of an Aircraft Engine

When modern jet engines are operated at rated thrust levels, the exhaust wake can exceed 375 mi/h (325 kn or 603 km/h) immediately aft of the engine exhaust nozzle. This exhaust flow field extends aft in a rapidly expanding cone, with portions of the flow field contacting and extending aft along the pavement surface. Exhaust velocity components are attenuated with increasing distance from the engine exhaust nozzle. However, an airflow of 300 mi/h (260 kn or 483 km/h) can still be present at the ...

The consumption of bottled water is ever increasing. India is amongst top 10 bottled water consumers. Thus, tremendous plastic waste is generated every day at public places like railway stations.

This plastic waste is segregated manually which is quite erroneous. Impurities in the segregated plastic creates major problems for the recyclers. 1 PVC bottle in a batch of 1000 PET (type of plastic polymer) bottles can ruin the entire melt. Current technology for segregating plastic is very costly. Moreover, this plastic waste consumes tremendous volume during transportation, increasing transportation cost and so the carbon emission.

We have a designed a machine which will detect the type of plastic bottle and segregate it accordingly, and will also crush ...

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