Sustainable Technologies

A concept specially suited for concrete, ferro-cement, or other one-piece hulls. If hull is built with double walls, a thick wall in the outer side, exposed to elements, and a thinner in the inner side, separated by a few centimetres,

Hydroelectric power plant is one of the renewable electricity resources extensively used for power production. But these power plants are located near hilly regions and are not designed for plain areas. Most of the perennial rivers have good water current throughout the years.

Over 65% of the electrical energy used today is generated by burning fossil fuels, such coal, natural gas or petroleum.
However, due to stricter regulations concerning carbon dioxide emissions and higher costs of hydrocarbon fuel sources,

Many nations unlike, India have a very large network of roads and so is the power scarcity in our cities and mainly villages. Our main sources of power generation are hydel, thermal and tidal. The usage of vertical wind mills is generally practiced in tidal energy.


Enclosure lucratively modernizes infrastructures. The reduced cost of providing a smaller structural and technological undertaking pales in comparison to today's cost and the values of all the increased efficiencies and enhanced capabilities which will reliably come out of their integration into a secure and controlled environment.

Internal combustion engines are a big source of pollution all around the world.. So when the efficiency of such engines is improved the environmental impact is diminished.

Nowadays, in an internal combustion gasoline engine,

My invention one important to my life my family and to all people believe the words of freedom, and Love and Peace. All of this the design the song all are coming to my real hearth.

In the importance of wind power generation, many types of wind turbine model were developed. The present horizontal axis wind turbines required yaw control mechanism to orient the blades into the wind direction for maximum power generation. This requires additional accessories and increasing the complexity of system.


Generation of Energy via harnessing the immense engine exhaust power of an aircraft taking off and landing at an airport with the use of wind energy generators.

Power of an Aircraft Engine

When modern jet engines are operated at rated thrust levels,

The consumption of bottled water is ever increasing. India is amongst top 10 bottled water consumers. Thus, tremendous plastic waste is generated every day at public places like railway stations.

This plastic waste is segregated manually which is quite erroneous.

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