Sustainable Technologies

Our idea is to invent a device which can utilise the large amount of wind energy which is otherwise wasted. As today the fossil fuel is decreasing rampantly,



Barren desert landscapes are difficult venues for construction due to low water supply, elevated temperatures, lack of a stable building foundation, and accessibility issues.

A low-cost, self-sustaining, solar-powered system is proposed,

The lateral axis wind turbine comprises of a pair of oppositely placed hubs in combination of plurality of extended radial arms symmetrically projected out wards and fitted on bearings to the central shaft.

EnerSysNet [hereafter ESN] is in the sustainable energy business. Our lean, green machines turn forest waste into refinery feedstock. ESN will build, own or lease, and operate a network of mobile energy conversion [MEC] systems producing renewable liquid hydrocarbons [RLHs] directly from renewable woody biomass.

Since the early 1950s electric utilities have installed millions of miles of low-voltage underground cables to improve the reliability and resilience of secondary power distribution. Early cable technology included butyl rubber insulated conductors and paper insulated lead coated cables. Over the decades,

There are about 60,000 MW of undeveloped hydro power in the US today (HR-267) and there are similar circumstances throughout the World. Any turbine under 10 meters of head or less than 10 m3/sec of water flow is so inefficient that they are not cost effective. Also,

Atrivu Synthetic Intelligence SmartGrid Solution (ASISGS) truly brings smarts via cognition to our nation's and the world power grids. ASISGS is a cloud-based service that truly provides the smarts for the nation's power grids. The seven domains of the current "smart grid" include bulk generation, transmission, distribution, markets,

The concept of ground-coupled heat exchanger system exemplified by the negligible surface area and least installation cost. This is well-known that at a sufficient depth the ground temperature is lower than the outside ambient temperature in summer and higher in winter. However,

Energy is needed whenever and wherever we are regardless of the situation. And now there is.

When catastrophes strike and electricity is unavailable, we need the ability to charge our electronic devices and stay in touch with our loved ones.

Multi-Purpose Desalination (MPD) is proposed to perform sea water desalination, while generates electricity and produces salt/minerals as a by-product using wave power.
MPD uses 100% ocean wave power, requires no electricity (Fig. 1).

Main facilities are located in the tidal area, that minimizes under water construction,

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