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About 12 years ago I developed a concept (on paper/CAD) regarding a solar powered highway sign inc. imbedded LED lettering and heat (via copper heating coil) to provide a highly visual sign for night/inclement weather conditions where snow/ice would not build up on the sign to impair drivers and cause poor decisions when approaching an exit ramp. Insurance claims for accidents due to visually impaired driving are incredibly high in areas subject to winter conditions. This product would be sold to municipalities (state/federal gov't agencies) for use along highways where these conditions are present - and should help reduce insurance claims and injury/death (cost justification).

Here are a few active programs with solar/led signs...


As ...

Off-grid lighting is badly needed in developing countries and rural areas as the infrastructure and resources are not there to support the lighting needs after sunset.

Outdoor LED lighting permits students light to study by and reduces crime and prevents travel accidents. Since the light is fully contained, no wiring is required, just mount it and it starts working. Operational life is estimated at 8 years continuous operation.

The light output is sufficient for streets, parking lots and any areas that need light
at night where mains power does not exist or would be too expensive to install.
5 models are available from 5 watts to 30 watts of LED power. There are no parts to assemble or connect ...

This particular design idea solves the issue of safety when installing new roofs on new constructions and provides an alternative method of saving energy and at the same time provides a roof that is also maintenance free and will reduce pollution by implementing clean renewable energy.

The new and improved tile may be easy to install either manually of by novel methods as shown on the illustrations and video.

This new product can be applied on new buildings and or the upgrade of existing ones with the potential to be used everywhere.

The particular design allows other tiles to be assembled and connected at the same time forming and impermeable unit that can be fixed ...

Localization of power generation holds the key to the future. When I speak of localization it is not about bringing it down to a single establishment but bringing it down to a community, a locality or a village. A hybrid renewable energy system is a good example. What we have built is a Solar Wind Hybrid System. The details of the same are given below.

We have used a 17 Watt Solar Panel and a 5 Watt motor to make our system at a cost of 1200/- The circuit used to add the power generated in both the circuits is also added in the form of an image file.

The major innovation of our solar wind hybrid lies in ...

The radiation from the Sun is the primary source of energy to Planet Earth for its various forms of life and their activities. When the energy flux from the Sun passes through the atmosphere a substantial part of it is absorbed by its greenhouse gases, of which the major ones are: water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O).

Among these gases water vapor (including clouds) absorbs most of the Sun radiation, transforms its energy to heat and is also the key to the solution of the above problem. Water vapor has by far the highest concentration among the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, it has the highest ability of absorbing the sun radiation, it ...

NASAs Kennedy Space Center has developed a novel method for the in situ removal of PCBs found in sediment systems. The technology consists of a redeployable polymer blanket that attracts and absorbs PCBs. Seeking to avoid the pitfalls of current methods for handling PCB-contaminated sediments, NASA researchers developed a two-step approach for removing and treating the PCBs. Step one involves placing a unique polymer blanket filled with an environmentally green solvent (e.g., ethanol) into the contaminated sediment. Projecting into the sediment, the blankets spikes attract PCBs through the polymer into the solvent until equilibrium is achieved. Step two consists of removing the blanket from the sediment, followed by extracting the now PCB-laden solvent from the blanket. Following extraction, the ...

This is an attempt to lift water by using a piston cylinder assembly beneath a speed breaker on road. The ‘IN’ line of the cylinder will be connected to a reservoir on ground and ‘OUT’ line will be connected to a reservoir at a particular height with respect to the ground. The piston head will receive the vehicle tire. On passing the vehicle or a person, the piston will move down inside the cylinder and raise the water to required height. A helical spring will bring back the piston to its original position to receive its next stroke while the non-return valves at both IN and OUT lines will ensure the flow in correct directions.

At theoretically zero cost, ...

Recently, wind turbines have been growing in size and complexity and blades have grown to be larger than 80 ft in length and weigh 40 tons, submitting them to stronger loads. Now they are being deployed offshore, looking for steadier and stronger winds.

The present invention describes a turbine with a propeller encased in a hydro/aero-dynamically improved profile, a "venturi ring" that accelerates the fluid through it and boosts power output, and which isolates the propeller from most of the external loads. The propeller’s blades are placed under tension between the ring’s rim and a central tension ring, and spanning through to the other blade to the other side of the ring.

The venturi ring is a ...


Many sports require a playground and many people feel difficulty in finding playgrounds as their wishes. There are many playgrounds with more suitable locations and prices that sports players may miss. In reality, there is no application that helps people find playgrounds quickly and efficiently. Players often go to places they know, or use Google search tool. It can become very time-consuming and inefficient .
The owner playgrounds do not have the tools to update the information and advertise their facilities to users.

SportsLover is a service connecting sports ground owners and sports players .
Follow-up activities: A driven community in which the players can search ...

Bonded Energy Solutions (BES) has developed a modular system that provides individual room radiator control for steam heating systems, enabling users to set temperatures for each room independently through the Internet.  The BES system is designed to address current problems of poor heat distribution, overheating, underheating, and wasted fuel associated with conventional one and two pipe steam heating, evident in many urban multi-unit steam heated buildings.  Radiator heat output is modulated based on setpoint and building dynamics.  Through the creation of zones, steam is only delivered where it is needed reducing fuel usage and improving regional air quality.  In addition, BES provides a cloud-based Building Management System (BMS) with energy usage reports and system component predictive failure alerts.  Future ...

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