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This project describes Quantum Vacuum Energy Extraction, an undeveloped source of clean, renewable energy via Casimir Cavity Effect principles of quantum physics.

First proposed in 1900 by Max Planck and further developed by Albert Einstein, Zero Point Energy capture was theorized in 1948 by Hendrik Casimir and granted U.S. Patent 7,379,286 in 2008 to Jovion - www.trunity.net/jovion/
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A quick explanation of how it functions--

Quantum physics defines everything the size of an atom and smaller.
One of the properties of quantum physics, Zero Point Energy, is roughly defined as--

Zero Point Energy is everywhere.
Even if all matter (solid, liquid, gas ...

The Quick Harvester System with Manifold and Heat Exchanger uses waste heat to start the grain drying process on the combine instead of post-harvest in the grain dryer. This system is more applicable in locations with combine harvesters where grain is tough at harvest. North America, Australia, Europe and some of Asia, South America and Africa is included in this market. It is applicable in the Machinery/ Automation/ Robotics and Sustainable Technologies categories.

In Canada, when grain is damp or “tough” as it is usually referred to it means the moisture content is over 14.5% or 14% for the United States. Usually “wet” wheat is over 17% moisture content and requires a grain dryer, although the Quick Harvester System ...

Water is essential for human life. Provision for clean water has being more difficult year after year due to shorter rain periods or lack of rain mostly because of global warming. Most places around the world have a relative humidity above 20%, but since the dew point is not reached, it doesn't rain. This project collects power from the the sun and the wind (solar panel and eolic generator) to generate AC voltage to power a dehumidifier cell. The humid air enters the dehumidifier and separates the air from the water. One side of the cell exits dry air, while the other side delivers water, which can be filtered and use for human consumption, agriculture and general ...

Our watershed anually receives near 300 millions cubic meters of rainwater. Actual infraestructure pours half that quantity down the drain where it combines with wastewater generating system saturation and floods, triggering human deaths and health problems along with water scarcity the rest of the year.

Our proffer is to restore the watercycle in urban watersheds using water inside the cycle and then letting the water flow, as clean as we received it, down the cycle. For example rainwater harvesting, greywater reuse and wastewater treatment.

To fully implement this projects its necesary to gather data about the volume, quality and intensity of the rain in order to design tanks, filters and pipes respectively. With mobile workshops we'll involve ...

There are viable, common sense transformational solutions to the lack of water challenge for the arid Southwest and California. These solutions can be the basis of a new business and that business can and should be located right here in Albuquerque.

What can you do with:
Storm forecasting using NOAA satellites?
Storm forecasting using NASA satellites?
Midwest floodwaters?
1,000's of miles of existing, large diameter abandoned/inactive pipelines?
1,000's of miles of existing, small diameter abandoned/inactive pipelines?

We can do this...:
Those satellites provide information for very accurate prediction of where there will be heavy amounts of precipitation.
The resulting floodwaters are tracked by those same satellites for viewing on the TV news.
That floodwater can be harvested ...

A short burst electrical energy harvesting generator in one embodiment including a reciprocating magnet, under the magnetic influence of dual repelling magnets, whose travel path oscillates within a centered through hole coil bobbin thereby producing an induced voltage at the coil terminals. This induced voltage can be utilized to power battery-less and wireless remote communications control function such as ISM Band wireless transmitters and other battery-less electronic device ...

RefUSE Initiative:

As we know that majority of the manufacturing, food, transport industries are using packaging materials
(paper, cardboard, plastic, carry bags, films, tapes, cases, gift wrapping) for their products, once produced and packed they reach the customer and after usage end up as non degradable waste. Also the misuse of paper at service organizations, offices, and banks is clearly evident.

The RefUSE program is an initiative which focuses on the customer to say no (refuse) to unnecessary packaging and paper wastage and he/she is rewarded for this effort. This results in reduced cost of product, decrease in pollution,increased customer satisfaction.

The current production and packaging is based mostly on one time use only and involves inefficient use of natural ...

Wet buildings are a serious problem in the architecture. Many methods are offered to improve the situation, with insulations though the wall, the sides of the walls, heat protection and so on. Following the problems for more than 40 years, and trying a lot of methods, there remained one very simple solution, any housekeeper knows: wet laundry should be dried in sunshine and air. Wet walls should be dried with sunshine and - yes, how to get sunshine in a wall?

The solution was more simple than expected: a collector catches heat from the sun, and some pipes with water transport it to the wall. The effect was more than astonishing: the walls got dry in some months, and ...

Avatar Sustainable Technologies' mission is to convert waste from recycled paper mills into high value biomaterials. The recycled paper industry has seen rapid explosive growth in the last decade, driven by the shift in consumer shopping from store-centric to online and thus an increased demand for shipping of products. Most recycled paper facilities in the USA are outdated, and only recently new manufacturing technologies have been adopted; indeed, 90% of the country’s 150 paper mills are more than 10 years old. These facilities have large production capacities that produce copious amounts of solid waste due to old and inefficient technology. Therefore, a preferred option is to reject these as solid waste, and thus some paper mills are spending $1.5 ...

Theory Statement

If we have two bowls, one is larger named as ‘Paraat (Hindi word)’ is full with liquid (water) and another one bowl (is made with aluminium) has smaller diameter and height. Smaller bowl partially filled and floating on larger bowl’s water surface. Water has been supplied from small diameter pipe (filter pipe, diameter 0.75 mm). Pipe has exit hanging over the smaller bowl’s periphery edges with discharging water.

The results concluded that,
In overflow condition water tends to exit the bowl or falls from larger bowl, in during this there is rotational effect on small bowl. It may be noted larger bowl is inclined to the level so that there is only one corner on which ...

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