Sustainable Technologies

SMT Rail (Smart Mass Transit Rail ) in the world's first Multi-Functional Infrastructure invention, using Nano Mono pole magnets and solar energy to create a reverse levitation and zero energy propulsion system.

The system been describe on website ( www.smtrail.com) in a form of short video.

As anyone knows who has changed a tire along a busy roadway, an incredible amount of turbulence is created by airflow over and around passing vehicles. This turbulent air is an untapped, kinetic-energy resource; though,

On an average only 30% of the energy in the fuel supplied to an automobile engine is used to push the vehicle forward. A major portion of the rest of the energy, accounting to close to 60%,

New non-fossil fuel based energy sources has become an important technological need for the next years. This technology won’t only fuel economic growth and contribute to global environmental sustainability, but also reduce the energy dependence on oil.

Each American burns about 50 pounds of fossil fuels every day. Oil and gas supplies will not sustain this demand because the profitable reserves that greatly expanded the world’s economy are dwindling. Yet we lack renewable energy solutions that can heat and cool our homes, drive industrial thermal processes,

How to rotate the wind turbine by using carry bags instead of blades?

Please watch photos and videos for better understanding.

We know the important of wind energy. I would like everyone to carry out this experiment.

Hurricanes- the natural disasters are the major threats to our mankind. Up to now we are predicting the way of hurricane and time of happening but we are not stopping it. The solution for this problem is hidden in nature itself.

Development of an effective social power plant
An efficient power plant, boon to the rural society
A renewable power plant
A power plant with zero pollution
A power plant whose consequences doesn’

This machine is based off of electrolysis that has been a known format of extracting hydrogen. We know about electrolysis and how it works. The question is have we done all that we can. I propose a different way of thinking about the process.

Our brain is propagated by our mind. Para-psychology says our mind has a super power to tell about the future. Everyone has this power. But everyone’s brain is unable to capture this kind of data from our mind.

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