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Till date very little has been reported about the issues of Hirakud Dam. Increasing deterioration of soil in the catchments is causing erosion of the subsoil, resulting in Sedimentation and Siltation, Largescale water-logging, seepage and unscientific water distribution system are only a few to name. In addition,

In order to provide additional protection to warships from submarine and mine attack, a perimeter barrier comprised of submerged “panels” is proposed. A collection of panels creates an underwater wall that is intended to intercept and detonate the enemy warhead using their own explosive force.

A “panel”

My design is based on a laser sail but with a laser and a mirror attached and another stationary mirror.

Zipr Shift LLC produces a revolutionary bio-inspired closure which mimics the spine in order to achieve the features essential for a flexible, durable, hermetic closure. The closure, currently named the Klōs® brand closure,

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