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In the context of perimeter security, one-way traffic spike strips may be used to enforce directional traffic flows. However, these devices simply lack the kinetic stopping ability of a physical barrier. Furthermore, their protruding spikes impose a 5mph speed limit on passing vehicles which can hinder rapid/emergency egress.

As the airplane cockpit evolves, additional methods of Human Machine Interface (HMI) are desired. Examples of this include: the use of multi-touch swipe gesture for Primary Flight Display (PFD) screen transfer, allowing the Pilot to perform mode and menu selections via touch, pinch/zoom map range selection,

The patent pending engine design incorporates 12 sets of cylinders, each comprised of two opposing and one air pump (supercharger) piston, arranged radially in a rotating-cylinder cam-driven engine that uses diesel or JP-8 and completes 48 power strokes per revolution.

For many years till now UAV’s have been used for operations that include tracking, surveillance and data acquisition. Our team came up with a very novel design specifically for delivery drones. Team Hydron has put its efforts in designing and manufacturing a Hybrid Tilt rotor based VTOL UAV.

An earthquake is a big problem for multistoried buildings. Many multistoried building are being build un-scientifically, which create an earthquake prone area and for it earthquake is occurring at new area.

Inexpensive, Simple and Safe System to Prevent Aircraft Fuel-tank Explosion

Since 1990, three aircraft, manufactured in USA, have exploded due to combustion in the fuel-tank. In 1996, Trans World Airways (TWA) Flight 800 explosion caused 230 deaths. National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) listed “

Novastruct Ronin Metal Masters Technology™ is a patented sheet metal folding technology which permits the design of components using a wide spectrum of sheet/plate metal materials to fold into complex and highly precise 3D shapes for structural and non-structural applications.

The proposed concept of a RF pumping source embedded into a resonant RF cavity of the resonant cavity thruster (EM Drive), consisting of a cylindrical tube and a frustum coupled together,

JULLS appears as single form-factor of Light-set that could be equipped with interchangeable lights and other equipment of standard size for different goals.

Form-factor and design of JULLS could provide more efficiency and economy of resources in processes of prototyping, producing, supplying,

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