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My Idea is about a drone with rifle. Some areas where for surveillance or any place where terrorist are present we can send this drone. Major 2 concepts to consider: recoil of gun and how to recognize face. Recoil surely imbalances the drone.

Conventional methods of surveying land consume a lot of time and are thereby quite expensive as it requires skilled personnel and manual labor. Inspecting larger areas at a shorter time is quite difficult to accomplish manually.

Design specification:
• Pressure sensor as an import substitute of thrust chamber pressure and other engines.
• Item description: MEMS based pressure sensing using AlN as the piezoelectric material.
• Sensing technology : Piezoelectric
• Pressure range : upto 10 MPa
• Sensitivity : 10 pC/ MPa

Helicopters and planes perform significant roles in both armed forces and civilian life, with many duties being exclusive to one or the other. Helicopters are capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) but are limited in forward velocity by the rotor tip speed,

This light tank concept provides effective and affordable defense for nations which cannot maintain fleets of 60 to 70 ton vehicles with huge logistic support requirements and destroys the paradigm that lethal vehicles are heavy vehicles.

The Saucer-Kush and Mothership-Jedia, shown in Figs.1&2, are a New Flying Object (NFO) propelled by the External Magnetic Field-Propulsion System (ExMF-PS); based on the Universal Energies (UE), derived from the new fundamental physics (http://exmfpropulsions.com).

Hover bike is a flying robot, which works on the principle of a combination of lift generation as in a helicopter, and maneuvering of a bike. With this technique humans will experience a new way of flying and driving in mid air.

Education, military, agriculture among other fields are using drones to benefit the proficiency. Drones are used in almost all the operations as well as the industries nowadays because of their reliability, cost effectiveness and multifunctionality.

I am designing a drone system that works as a bucket brigade that will carry and deliver a mixture of chemical foaming agent mixed with water to create fire suppression foam or products like Phos-Chek.

The report deals with the concept of using flapping wing as a mode of flight for light unmanned aerial vehicles. Using biomimetics, the study of a bird flight is made followed by the design proposal which mimics this bird flight mechanism.

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