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Due to late entry, I have noted another working on the same concept although our design is more for the Police Officer and probably would not meet the needs for our Military / Defence. Law Enforcement doesn't get the attention that our Military does.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles possess growing interest in media and literature because of their wider application for Photography, agriculture, military purpose, emergency purpose, surveillance applications etc. In this research the current state of the UAV is reviewed.

So many military personnel are injured or killed each year because of IED's triggered by cellular phones. We need to construct a device which will randomly and continuously send signals in battled areas which will trigger any cellular phone to ring,

The Compact Personal Aircraft or CPA (Patent Pending) is the embodiment of the future Air-Taxi. A novel improvement over its ancestor the co-planar multi-copter, the CPA may achieve up to a five fold increase in both flight time and fuel economy during horizontal,

The problem: getting small satellites into space. If you're with a typical nonprofit, university, or small-budget government program without millions of dollars and years to spare, but want to use the "common heritage of mankind" above our heads to help your mission, you build a small, cheap satellite.

This work details the design and development of a medium endurance unmanned aerial vehicle designed for aerial surveillance, surveys and cartography. Defense Housing Authority (DHA) City is Pakistan’s largest land development project and the first to implement the “smart city” concept. For a holistic smart solution,

Military tracked vehicles are deployed in severe environmental and loading conditions during Military operations. The space availability and high heat rejection sources makes the cooling system design a challenging task by offering little margin in design parameters. This paper presents prime aspects of the design methodology i.e.

The integration of propellant systems enables the realization of a new class of devices called micro rockets or micro thrusters. Their main originality is the use of only one solid propellant loaded in a small tank in a polymeric substrate. Thus,

Scientists estimate that there are about 10 to the power of 16 fish in the sea, which is more than 1 million fish for every human. About 95% of these fish live deeper than 500 meters under the sea. All of these fish require oxygen to breathe.

Star Finder is a simple and useful gadget by which we can quickly locate stars and constellations of the night sky at a specific time, date and geographic location by turning two dials and then looking through a specially designed sight. However,

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