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A dream it was for a man to fly before the invention of aircraft. In the esteemed domain of aircraft, landing is the most challenging part, where most of the accidents have happened.

PROBLEM DEFINITION - After some research,

"It's raining shelters, not bombs."

Life Capsules is a humanitarian project aiming to save living beings fleeing wars or natural disasters after the destruction of their communities. The compressed lightweight structure can be thrown from airplanes providing shelters for people in danger.

We all would have heard of Elon Musk’s proposed Hyperloop system and the competition to design certain aspecs of the Pod, and of particular interest was how to provide a braking system.

PROBLEM-Space debris
The term space debris is the collection of defunct man-made objects in space. Their population increase in an exponential manner according to the Kessler syndrome. Eventually the increased space traffic will make it impossible to launch any space vehicle.

The Mars Aeroshell Resource Orbiter (MAREO) combines habitation, storage, propulsion and aerobraking functions in one large conical spacecraft (Figure One), for a streamlined Mars mission plan.

Orbiter: MAREO is twice the diameter of the NASA Orion spacecraft. External Bays of the cone house Main Engines,

The magnetic field on Mars' surface is 40 times weaker than that of the earth. This weak magnetic field makes life almost impossible because of the radiations exposed on the surface.

This idea is inspired by MIT's small jumping robot cubes and the decades old technology used to orientate satellites in orbit.

The novel design of the Modular Cargo Access Pallet (MCAP) represents a complete revision of how commercial aircraft load and retain passengers and cargo. By making both the passenger and cargo compartments modular pallets, the basic ‘naked’

We have advanced a lot in field of aviation. But still we are always primitive than the upcoming stage of the aviation. So I took a keen interest on the take off & landing system of an aircraft. The wings plays the most important part in it.

In our world today we are faced with many challenges regarding lethal weapons used by law enforcement and the military. I have designed a non-lethal polyhedron plastic sphere that creates an ear-piercing siren and temporary vision disturbance. Our brains are stimulated in multiple ways.

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