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This particular Nuclear Powered Aircraft uses heat generated during Nuclear Fission to generate steam from stored water.

The nuclear fission is performed on a low weight radioactive material like Iodine. The heat so released is used to convert water into steam, which in turn drives the turbine.

By Panagiotis Stefanides

The proposed model [ PHOTO 1 and 2], when moving in space, is expected to reflect light of Sun rays from its mirrors, which will enable observers on Earth to receive them and track its displacements.

Repair and integration in aerospace composite structure is highly demanding, however many complex processes are required to be performed, maintaining a strict process control and considering the stringent regulatory framework. Several stages are considered in the automated facility designed at Cranfield University with a group of six MSc students,

Conventional power-trains for aviation are expensive on initial cost, operation and maintenance.

This project is focused on the design and aerodynamic improvement of a light sport aircraft (LSA).

At the start of the project a market research and analysis study has been made, based on the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) study,

More than 80,000 aircraft take off and land daily in the world: more than one every second. Airlines are thus losing a daily average of $6.5 million due to the wear and tear of tires during landing.

Quantum Entanglement is a new and interesting phenomena that has NIST researchers relaying and possibly setting up the first quantum Internet [1], with a distance of ~105Km

Cat7 cable, ATT WIFI/Fiber Modem and Server located at the University of Texas at Austin.

Transportation barriers are often cited as barriers to healthcare access in defence. Transportation barrier leads to delayed care or missed medication at right time. It’s also time-consuming. Transportation management and maintenance consume a load of pounds. Such barriers in healthcare lead to the lack of appropriate medical treatment,

Commercial Supersonics Technology may be enhanced in the Hypersonic air-breathing propulsion area using an emulsion of fuel and water to fire ram jet engines. We propose that Emulsion Combustion Energy (ECE) can deliver oxygen to support fuel combustion at elevations where very little oxygen can be gathered,

The Rapid Cooling Station (RCS) and Integrated Cooling Ensemble (ICE) together provide a comprehensive, cheap, and easy-to-implement solution to one of the largest issues facing soldiers, firefighters, and other suited responders in the field today: heat management. Based on the requirements of protective equipment,

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