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Concept for an Air Taxi

Aviation Safety Industries' extensive research, development and engineering has developed an innovative and comprehensive 'Business Method Plan for Deicing Aircraft' for improved deicing efficiency.

It’s sobering that passengers looking out over an aircraft wing might know more about what’s going on with the airflow than the pilots. It’s time to change that with APM.

Airliner Economy Class Sleeper Seat

Long nonstop airline flights of 10 to 20 hours are not uncommon. As anybody who has done it can confirm, making these flights in economy class can be very unpleasant as well as dangerous (Thrombosis).

Figure # 1

Normal Conditioning

When wing is moving against the wind, most of the air will hit the wing and make a sharp turn.

This is requiring great amount of energy. Airplane speed is reduced, and fuel consumption increased considerable.

This autonomous robotic rover mother-bus carries multiple flying exploratory scout drones to explore the surface of Mars. Driving autonomosly far from its Mars base station, the mostly ground based rover-bus can launch preprogrammed far flying scout drones. The rover-bus can ride on Mars’

An aircraft tire with airfoils, or an airfoil texture, molded into the sidewall. The idea being that when the tire is exposed to the air stream the airfoil feature would create a lift force that causes the tire to rotate. By creating this feature on a tire,

Imagine a new airliner design that has slower, safer take off and approach speeds yet can fly at Mach .95 with little drag.

Supersonic flight over land is currently severely restricted because sonic booms created by shock waves disturb people on the ground and can damage property. Innovators at Armstrong Flight Research Center are working to solve this problem through a variety of innovative techniques that measure, characterize, and mitigate sonic booms.

Kevlar is used to build bullet proof jacket and other stuff. Non newtonian fluid is which fluid is not obey newtons force principle. This fluid is different from reguler fluids.

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