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No matter how clean they may look, locker room floors and bathrooms are essentially teeming with bacteria and fungi, which can expose you to all sorts of nasty and contagious diseases, such as athlete's foot, plantar warts, ringworm, impetigo, and the emerging threat of the super-bug Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). Additionally, wet and dirty floors can contaminate your clothes making changing a hassle. What is needed is a clean, quick, and convenient way to help minimize your exposure to these contagious diseases and wet floors. Consequently, “Wizemat” provides a solution to these unanswered problems.

Wizemat is an innovative mat system that provides a clean, personal surface upon which to stand when changing clothes at the gym. Its patented novel "Z" ...


I. Two worm gears are series mounted.

II. The worm wheel is mounted in bearings. not rigidly mounted!

III. The input drive worm gear provides a point of locus & inital inertia.

IV. The two gear set is 94% efficient statically & dynamically it is 98%+
efficient & reduces mass & cost.

V. Never a dry start as the input drive gear resides in a lube bath.

VI. Total circular envelopment of 360 degrees.

VIIi. Triangulating constantly as three gear teeth are always meshing!

VIII. The gear set develops torque from this series gear mount.

IX, The output gear, a worm wheel, is able to adjust for nominal functions from thermal expansion ...

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