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The Ergo Spout is the world's first ergonomic spout and handle for Mason jars transforming a common household item into a comfortable and useful pouring pitcher. The Ergo Spout prevents slippery jars by providing a firm place to grip and pour without touching the glass.

I came up with my Lenticular Box as a low-tech geometric photographic proof of the inverse relationship between invisibility and holodeck technologies that can be applied to a high-tech scenario in the form of my Light-Interface concept and resulting Light-Interface System.

This project is a conceptual design of a rotating garden wall concept named "MiracleW all." This wall, when unlocked, can be rotated 180 degrees manually or by mechanical means. With planters attached to the wall,

In our region we have many major power outages after storms go through the area. The last major storm affected over 700,000 people. Traffic signals in high traffic areas were not working for days.

No-Access Armor transparent polymer is a revolution in construction and provides increased safety while reducing weight/maintenance. Traditional safety glass is heavy, difficult to cut, fragments when impacted, yellows/delaminates over time, and is limited in applications.

No-Access Armor (NAA) is ballistic/tornado/hurricane-resistant, load-bearing,

We want to revolutionize the way people experience coffee!

In the US alone, there are more than 38 million people that drink coffee “on-the-go.” Those people are spending almost US $2000 and more than 120 hours per year just going out to buy coffee. Also,


1. A static Non-Volatile Random-Access-Memory (NVRAM) made up of a Magneto-Optical or an Optical or any other recordable, erasable, and re-recordable media, in the square/rectangular form factor without requiring any rotational motion that can be written to and read from optically.

Firearm safety is a nationwide crisis in the United States, where an average of 96 people die every day from a firearm incident (https://everytownresearch.org/gun-violence-by-the-numbers/).

This is a Wave Turbine. This concept produces electricity. First we have to build a Float. That is 500 ft L x 40 ft W x 10 ft H, weight 3000 lbs. We have a curb 6 ft high at the edge to collect the waves.

No matter how clean they may look, locker room floors and bathrooms are essentially teeming with bacteria and fungi, which can expose you to all sorts of nasty and contagious diseases, such as athlete's foot, plantar warts, ringworm, impetigo,

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