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Water misters are used to reduce the air temperature around them.

This design uses misters that can be positioned around the air intake vents on the existing HVAV condenser units at homes and businesses. The misters create cooler air. This air is drawn into the heat exchange coils.

According to the EPA, every weekend about 54 million Americans mow their lawns, using more than 15,000,000 gallons of gas (that’s more the 800 million annually) and producing tons of air polluting volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides. More than 325,000 gallons (that’


Modern hand-held devices such as smart phones and PDAs have become increasingly powerful in recent years. As mobile devices become more like PCs they will come to replace objects we tend to carry around such as checkbooks, credit cards, cameras, planners, mp3 players, etc. In short,

Ultra High Vacuum Flanges & Viewports that can achieve UHV performance at 10 -12cc/second established with fluorocarbon o-ring seals & a differentially pumped vacuum system. By pumping on the differential section with only a mechanical pump, UHV pressures on the inside can be routinely achieved.

Personal Rescue Device (PRD) enabling safe jump from 300-meter height skyscraper.

This paper describes a personal protective equipment against fall safely from height of up to 300 meter (~1150 feet).

Because my wife has the use of only one arm, pushing a shopping cart, the way that they are currently designed, is almost impossible for her, especially once there are some items in the cart. In addition, there are times when the shopper is reading their shopping list or,

Moving home ? Tired of your lamps ? One of the most cumbersome tasks is to fix a new lamp to the wall or the ceiling. Instead of holding the lamp with one hand, fiddling the cable into the terminal,

My product is an artwork made of re-used and ecological material. Through this work I would express my respect and love for nature. Using my work I want to develop in others a sense of beauty.

Current pollution of our world needs recycling or reusing of consumer products,

Value for customers:
◦no more unloading purchases from a cart to the car trunk
◦no more dragging heavy bags from store to the car
◦no need for multiple runs between your car and your home to bring all the bags
•Equally great for city and country life,

United States Patent Number 8,451,105 describes a Biometric cell phone programmed with individual's personal information (such as D/L, fingerprint, credit cards, etc). Biocell is activated by dialing PIN number, applying fingerprint, speaking name, and inserting activated biocell into biocell receptor, to initiate secure communications.

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