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System of supports and flower pots for vertical gardens made of recycled rubber chip. Production oriented -mainly- for use on balconies and small spaces. The pieces are characterized for being ecological, modular, resilient and adaptable to different measures, helping to bring nature into the home.

In general,

FoodNinja is a system developed to improve operations and profitability of a typical dining restaurant.

The Frebird Magnetic Ecosystem uses a unique RAPAM magnetic fastening system (Magnetic and Self-Positioning Magnetic Fasteners). This ecosystem consists of surfaces (walls, cabinets, furniture) with small precisely located magnets that securely fix Frebird items (frames, decorations, smart appliances, jewelry, work station etc.).

Hands-free mode wherever you want!

After years of research, I was able to scientifically explain and develop ancient Hindu art of Maya (vision by displaying images on air). It’s a method to illuminate air by thinking. Ancient Hindu sacred texts and epics are filled with narration of This kind of communication and display technologies,

Presently for water purification large treatment plants involving sedimentation, electrodialysis, reverse osmosis RO techniques are used which are not easy to employ without electricity. We have designed handy smaller/larger water filter pads that can be used in the home and water can be taken from any source.

The problem – The helmet is designed to reduce head injuries from impacts. Currently football concussions are most publicized but these happen in other sports, in casual use (bicycles), in business (construction), and public use (firefighters).

HexaBlock 1-meter hexagon/triangles are new metric standard blocks that build out into standard North American and global metric building code dimensions. Optimally engineered HexaBlocks snap together by hand to assemble any shape of conventional building. A designer can build out in any direction and any thickness predictably.

Tunable lenses, lenses that can adjust their power without lens assembles. These lenses are made by entrapping liquids in clear elastic membranes and actuated mechanically (by pressure) or electronically (bellow actuators).

Home Security using Image Processing

Most of the surveillance/security systems we use at our house, offices, etc are just one or other type of video recording system. The main drawback of this system is it records everything,

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