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We have developed a groundbreaking power system that leverages current MIT research to turn scrap aluminum into a highly efficient, safe fuel source.

Aluminum has an incredibly high energy density, double that of gasoline and an order of magnitude greater than lithium-ion. However, an oxide layer forms on its surface when in contact with air, preventing it from reacting. Processes have been developed to circumvent this in order to utilize this energy density in applications such as rocket fuels, but they are very dangerous and create serious risks of combustion.

In recent years, students at MIT have developed a method for safely activating aluminum by treating it with 2% gallium and indium. This treatment bypasses the oxide layer on ...

My product is an author's work, which will reflect the beauty of nature, its elegance and individuality. Through this work I would express my respect and love for nature. Using my work I want to develop in others a sense of beauty. Creative product may be used in interior design, house, classroom or shop. I think this develops a taste, imagination, emphasizing the environment’s beauty. It helps focus attention on the objects which are made by using beading technology. I think that through the design we can bring up an aesthetic personality and encourage human creativity.


The name of my product is Ava tree. I was planning to make it big. The base is wide, it will keep ...

In the past few years, there have been several accidents of children falling into abandoned bore wells in India. Abandoned bore wells have turned into death pits for children. Rescue teams spend hours and sometimes days in futile attempts to save these little kids. A lot of money is also spent in these missions. In most cases they are unable to save the kids. Such events have happened numerous times in the past, and every time either the government or the bureaucracy is blamed. The rescue process to save the child from bore well is a long and complicated process. This brings out safety that how far the robot handles the child safely. The rescue operation mainly consists of ...

The US patent #7860265, Planot® acoustic transducer diaphragm, redefines the way sound is produced. Smaller, cheaper, better.

The most common electromechanical device in the world is the speaker.

I have reinvented and vastly improved it.

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The Planot diaphragm pivots back and forth along its long axis. It’s long faces, engage air to create the closest analogue of a pulsating sphere; verified independently in an anechoic chamber.

A typical Planot diaphragm would have a square or triangular cross-section.

Traditional acoustic transducers (TAT’s) require boxes to isolate back wave from the front wave. Planot needs no box. This is a significant advancement (and an opportunity for research). Boxes increase size, weight, cost and create distortion. TAT’s boxes account ...

This is a platform of ideas for students attending and living at higher education universities/colleges anywhere in the world. There are activities that the students have which can be stressors as well as costly and negatively impact the environment. This platform of ideas addresses several of them. Each can be considered separately, but they are offered as a package since these are a platform.

First is clothes washing. Machines that exist on campus are almost always topload and even if not commercial, use upwards of 30 gallons (114L) water per wash. In addition, it is stressful for the student having to make the time and hoping to find washers not in use by others. Solution? There are several manufacturers ...

Open kitchen equipment by combining air conditioning and ventilator for a better cooking and dining experience.

To deal with changes of lifestyle, the kitchen becomes an open space in the home for interaction. Coolking brings a better cooking environment facing this dramatic shift.

Coolking blends the functions of air conditioning and ventilator for not only filtering cooking fumes, but adjusting temperature and offering superb air circulation. Cooking fumes are filtered and cooled down via Coolking. It emits cool air and the internal oil filter is easy to clean. Coolking provides a smart flow control for different cooking demands such as stir fry, or cold dishes, implementing emergency fire and linked alarm system when dry-heating incidents occurred. For commercial spaces ...

Dental flossing is very important for preventive healthcare. It costs very little but does require commitment. I invented and patented the Dental Floss Dispenser with Clip, which attaches dental floss to a toothpaste tube. This aids in the commitment part of flossing for good health. This device requires little more than a clip on your dental floss container. I have achieved hundreds of prototypes using the type of clip on measuring tapes and slipping the clip into a slit on the average dental floss dispenser. The cost to reproduce is approximately $1.00 per unit and retail at $3.99.

“Only floss the teeth you want to keep!”

A good mother, I want my children to have good health and healthy ...

This device is a small dental floss lock; which works similar to a cord lock like you would see on a jacket. The intent is that you would use a pair of these and they would lock onto dental floss providing a handle for each set of fingers to securely hold onto the floss without needing to wrap the floss around your fingers.

These little button locks would help the consumer save money because you only need to use about 5 inches of floss at a time. They also help prevent your fingers from turning purple from being wrapped with floss.

These could easily be injection molded and they are very small. I have prototyped a couple of these and the ...

The device shown in the accompanying sketch provides a method of leveling tile by using the device to lift a corner of a tile that is low while simultaneously injecting thin set or adhesive under the tile after it has already been placed. This device allows a small needle to be inserted through the spacing between the tiles and then rotated to inject thin set under the low corner or corners of each tile.

Currently there is a big market for leveling spacers to serve this purpose, but they are expensive and there is a learning curve to use them. Also the leveling spacers currently on the market need to be used from the start to the finish of ...

Digi-Gift – The future of digital gifts

Traditionally 4 of 5 the most popular gifts have been Music, Movies, Books and Games. However as people have moved away from physical media to digital media it is getting far more and more difficult to buy people presents. As such we have seen gift card purchases increase from $20 Billion per year to more than $200 Billion per year as people give up on trying to find the perfect gift.

Digi-Gift solves this problem by providing a platform that enables people to give digital gifts like Amazon Music, Kindle Books, and Xbox, Playstation and Wii Download codes and send these electronically.

Digi-Gift was launched on Google Play for Android devices in ...

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