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The uRADMonitor CITY will be a device equipped with High Volume / High sensitivity electrochemical sensors to measure Ozone, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide in cities. Its enhanced sensitivity will provide readings that will allow for easy comparison with legal limits on Air Quality. The device will offer a low cost alternative to the existing national monitoring networks, while allowing for better resolution due to the low production costs, and subsequently more ...

I have made a small embedded system which can control power for 5 devices through my Android Application with the help of Bluetooth. Even if the Android Application is closed intentionally, the immediate last state of the device remains and once the application is opened, we will know the state of each device, whether it is ON or OFF. Here we can have TV or FAN or COMPUTER or FRIDGE or WASHING MACHINE or MOTOR or PUMP or any device of our interest can be connected to 5 devices individually. I have attached photos for self explanation.

My current system will improve the quality of life, it will help to automate tedious tasks, it will prevent or reduce injuries ...

This is simply a product that will allow consumers to get rid of the unwanted flying insects in their surroundings. Usually the flying insects such as mosquitoes appear inside our homes where there is no fresh air, because of the internal humidity, and the leftover food. Both of the previously mentioned elements forms an excellent environment for the flies, mosquitoes, and other insects to live, to breed, and to grow happily and healthy causing us terrible times in our comfort places, such as our homes or our places of shopping.

And while the usually known trash tins nowadays are a good source for these insects to grow, the idea of the Smart Trash Tin came up! But ...

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) is an organization dedicated to create educational opportunities for the world's poorest children by providing each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected laptop (XO) with content and software designed for collaborative, joyful, self-empowered learning. As community engineers associated with this unique proposition, we have constantly evolved our programming skills to align ourselves with the mission statement and develop software for educational purposes.

SocialCalc is a spreadsheet activity developed for functioning in the Sugar environment, OLPC’s software paradigm. Initially coded by Dan Bricklin, Founder and President of Software Garden Inc. for Socialtext, Inc., the OLPC part was started by Manusheel Gupta, Managing Director of SEETA with K.S. Preeti, community friend of SEETA and alumnus ...

This project is about solar power plant monitoring, prediction of weather conditions and power production with machine learning techniques.

We propose an integrated and low cost approach to weather forecasting, solar energy prediction and photovoltaic source simulation. For these tasks, different approaches would have to make use of SCADA for energy production, a different method for weather forecasting as well as an Internet of Things (IoT) approach, leading to higher cost for the consumers.

I. Hardware

⁎ Temperature sensors (LM35 to measure panel temperature and DHT22 for environmental temperature and humidity).
⁎ Current sensor. ⁎ Voltage divider as a sensor.
⁎ Machine Learning (ML) for solar irradiance prediction (Pyranometer SP Lite 2 for validation).
⁎ ESP8266 for data ...

In the deserts and semi-arid areas of the world the day time temperatures can be very high but they can be cold in the night. Cooking food is also a daily requirement but the source of fuel is scarce. This is seen especially in Africa and Haiti.

The basic design is to use magnifying lens(es) to concentrate the sun's rays to a solid material that can absorb the energy and release it for cooking or as a heat source when the temperatures are cold in the area.

A spherical 2 piece light weight housing is created with an outer insulation barrier to retain heat and prevent anyone from being burned. Inside the housing is a material that can absorb ...

Current news reports a high level of animal abuse among the entertainments of young people. I wondered that maybe I could change our young generation and what if somebody of youth had already faced with desire to bully or kill animals. Therefore, I set myself a goal to inform young people, to provide them with food for thoughtsand to encourage them to do charity work.

My product is an organization dedicated to helping homeless animals. I drew the posters and held a concert, which helped me attract many volunteers and collect donations. Then, I created a design of boxes that attracted the attention of young people and motivated them to do good deeds. I was able to collect 8 ...

US Patent Number 7,726669 B2. I watched people at craft shows, flea markets and catering events struggle during set-up, dragging a dolly with their items on it along with a collapsible table under one of their arms. I united both in a dolly that flips out through a foot release and hydraulic struts into a table. Remove the handles, and you can hook a series of these together to create one huge table that at the end of an event breaks down into several dollies to haul items away on.

I also have exchangeable tops for different needs. One top is a sink for greenhouse/nursery application or if food-grade materials are used, for catering. I have a work bench ...

Super Capacitor Energy Power Facility Water Leak Isolation

Presently systems available on the market today cut the water source off to an entire facility, to repair a leak. They are powered by facility electrical power or batteries. Loss of utilities or battery power may result in facility damage which costs money and time. This design uses super capacitor to store energy and is maintained by a small hydro generator to maintain the energy instead of utility or battery power, and energy power source lasts over 100+ times that of batteries.

This design consists of the following components (Figure 1 Building Water Leak Detection and Cut Off System) moisture sensor, conductor connecting wires, N/O electromechanical self latching cut off valve, ...

Human-powered, ergonomic solution to problems associated with crutches. Among these are stress and injury to hands, wrists, armpits and upper body. Also, high energy expenditure, heightened risk of slipping or falling, difficulty in bending down and a need for constant vigilance.

This invention addresses these issues by:
1) Reducing or eliminating stress on hands, wrists, arms, armpits, shoulders and upper body.
2) Reducing energy expenditure.
3) Increasing stability.
4) Providing a seated resting option that is instantly available.
5) Providing balance and weight support for user while bending or squatting.

Prior attempts to develop a suspension crutch have mostly consisted of a swing seat or safety harness suspended from the axillary support area of conventional crutches. While offering some ...

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