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A digital camera adapter that is inserted into a standard 35 mm camera as you would a film canister. The adapter replaces film and stores images taken by the camera in a digital format for download.

The advent of digital camera’s have rendered many fine,

Our proposed device aims to prevent gun-related suicide through a low-cost and easy to use layered defense approach. The goal of the DuoBox is to increase time to weapon access and encourage access with two or more people present.

This is an electronic protection against electrocution. What inspired this design? There was a case of a doctor couple electrocuted in shower room when one was trying to save the other. Result: two girls less than five years old left orphaned.

Temperature being a very important concern to all warm blooded animals including human beings, every animal has its own temperature regulation mechanism to tolerate and/or adapt to the varying environmental temperatures.

We have occurrences of weather in various parts of the country where flooding occurs. The Midwest has basements that can flood. The South and East have whole communities that flood from storms and hurricanes. Conditions are unsafe for the occupants and any rescue workers.

We have seen ruptured gas lines that has caused explosions and building fires caused by earthquakes and also by other natural disasters. An example is the hurricane that hit the East Coast a few years ago and caused buildings to catch fire in the flooded areas.

In Africa and other countries where the source of water is located a long distance from home, people must carry the heavy water in various containers.


Secure and track your money transactions, company lockers, documents, files and credentials, record using Expense Tracker.

Expense tracker app not only allows you to know your balance in different accounts, but also has features like make a transaction, withdrawal or deposit amount with any account.

Drivers relying on just a cell phone and the 911 system do not have a complete safety net. A visual cry for help is always legal. Expert first responders recognize that “simple” is best for saving lives. My rugged and patented answer is a license plate frame that,

Flexagon is a conceptual, shape shifting furniture and a home for 3 people.

6 tetrahedrons connected in all sides where the volume in each tetrahedron is divided into 4 compartments. The whole furniture can be wrapped around itself, inwards or ourwards in 4 orientations.

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