Sustainable Technologies

The plan is to develop a refined HPWH optimized for a home with a PV system in three major ways not found on typical HPWHs. It is significantly more efficient than current HPWHs since it can extract heat from water as well as air,

The TumbleDown Self-Turning Vertical Composting System repeatedly and thoroughly mixes ("turns") compost without machinery or labor. The design resembles a multiple helix spiral staircase within a silo. The mixture of organic materials tumbles down from one stairstep to the next. “Self-Turning”

This turbine differs that has two additional elements - a turbo-expander in the center and jet cuts on blades. The turbo expander absorbs wind energy. Thus the non-working center of the turbine becomes effective. In some versions, the fairing itself will have grooves absorbing wind energy.

Experts have estimated that 8.3 billion metric tons of plastics have been made and approximately 5 billion metric tons have already been discarded, with an abysmal recycling rate of only 600 million metric tons.

Air-conditioning systems spend most (up to 90%) effort on cooling air. Cooling people is just a byproduct of the whole process. To reduce energy demand we need to implement approaches that reverse this situation and focus on directly cooling people with minimum conditioning of surrounding air.

There is a huge energy expenses for a motor pump or submersible pump to lift water from an underground reserve tank to rooftop water tank. Not only is it expensive but air pollution is created (indirectly for power generation). Except it, the supplied water from govt.

Over two billion people suffer from the effects of water scarcity and the vast majority of those affected live in coastal areas in developing countries and remote communities. Seawater desalination is an excellent potential solution,

Z-PEC Zero–Point Energy Converter 

According to Quantum Electrodynamics, otherwise empty space is filled with tremendous energy; it’s called the Quantum Flux or Zero-Point Energy. Z-PEC will mechanically tap this unlimited resource for pollution-less electrical generation and pollution-less vehicular-propulsion.

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