Sustainable Technologies

Noise Pollution is the biggest problem faced by all the countries and all of them are investing a huge amount of money as well as time to solve the problem of pollution.

The novel integrated motor-generator (IMG) is an electromechanical system that produces electrical energy continuously after having received an initial input mechanical energy.

With reference to FIGURE 1, the IMG consists primarily of a rotor and a stator.

This is to use the middle area between two hulls of a catamaran (bi-catamaran) in order to efficiently scoop out the plastics in the ocean without having the ship to stop by placing a net (net is a piece of open-meshed material made of twine, cord,

We live in a world that needs more electric power. This increase in power must be produced by a source that produces no carbon dioxide. This new energy must also be present in large quantities and must be able to be extracted cheaply.

We are experimenting with inserting a working fluid circulation loop into the asphalt pavement of shopping center parking lots to determine if the solar energy captured by the pavement can contribute substantially to the energy demand of stores, apartment buildings, schools and other high energy use properties.

Currently, the world is committed to the concept of recycling plastics. This is a very challenging process because most companies have a hard time investing in recycling. This is because recycling costs a lot considering the initial investment and running cost.

Present Scenario:

For years there has been significant development in the Automobile sector but the source of power, the engine, remains the same. Although the engine has been developed since the beginning the mechanism remains the same. The main drawback is its efficiency, 35%,  and it causes pollution.


The current global challenge is the safety concerns and sustainability of raw materials supply for energy storage in the face of explosion of batteries on long duration recharging based on the current liquid electrolytes in electronic devices and mobility worldwide.

Plastics are a real time problem in each and every country but if we look deep into it we can find that maximum plastics are recyclable. The problem lies in the logistics part where maximum plastics are unable to reach the recycling industries.

A method for designing a plastic that is comprised of RF sensitive monomers whereby they can react with specifically tuned RF fields to de-polymerize thus converting the polymer into its monomer components.

Plastics are known for their extremely useful properties and have invoked a materials revolution since it's creation.

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