Sustainable Technologies

This is a process of identifying plastic according to their polymers using the latest and state of the art technology and sorting them out in automated manner. Perhaps this is the first of its kind.

LIBS and FTIR are laboratory tested and commercially applied.

The demand for locally-sourced food, particularly in urban settings, has skyrocketed in recent years and is projected to continue climbing. However, as the population density of urban settings continues to increase worldwide, it is becoming less feasible to grow food locally because of the footprint it requires.




-The integration represents a shield to protect human lungs from deadly industrial emissions.
-Opportunities by developing green technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants, using algae.

At this point, awareness of plastic is not an issue. The critical point is proposing new ways to replace, manage and dispose of plastic material that is used for a different use. One of the widely used plastics is plastic bottle packaging.

E-BIN is new way to recycle with a mobile phone app system known as Bottles-4-Bucks. The software encourages recycling by paying rewards and saves city, university and tax-payer dollars by simplifying the recycling process.

Modern diesel engines move cargo all over the world and generate electricity. My idea is to use supplemental Oxygen to duplicate the effects of Nitrous Oxide without adding additional Nitrogen. Thus, by using a dedicated Oxygen Generator, you increase combustion and reduce fuel usage.

Pump ambient air (which contains CO2) into a plastic tank, filled with sea water, through a gas distributor. Carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air will dissolve in the sea water. The surface of the sea water should be exposed to direct sunlight.

A small group of scientists in Fairfax, Virginia has combined the best scientific principles from its study of cold fusion over the last 25 years into a unique design for the prototype cold fusion generator discussed below.

Innovation: The system’

Here we present a modification in the elevator (lift) which can easily harvest the waste energy when the lift will be in operation, which will be due to the Recyclable Triboelectric materials. This modification increases the energy efficiency of the building.

Energy is one of the main currencies in our world. One of the sources of energy is solar power. Since it is a renewable power source, countries all over the world are adopting it primarily among wind power, geothermal and hydropower.

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