Sustainable Technologies

We can create hundreds of jobs off the coast of northern California specifically Crescent City with an oil type rig that works as a desalination plant for some of the drought problems of the western United States.

The Kitchen Appliance Recovered Energy System (KARES) consists of a Thermal Synergy Battery, Thermal Microgrid and an integrated system of modular components and appliances that recover, store and reuse thermal energy.

This IoT tool has for objective to quantify for a specific period, all the costs involved during the operation and maintenance of on grid streetlights based on LED or conventional technologies.

A solar power satellite (SPS) constellation is an impressive way to transform the Sun's radiant energy into electric power when efficiently streamed down to Earth. The generic SPS has long been promoted as a potent solution for the ever increasing global energy demands.

The Maz21 energy concept evolved from the water web concept of 2018 (https://www.entrepreneurship-campus.org/ideas/16/10791/). It seeks to generate power in a cost effective way. It utilizes kinetic water turbines fixed in a series inside a 80cm internal diameter polyethylene tube.

Mr. Richard Phillips Feynman, a famous genius scientist, introduced a Brownian ratchet in his book “The Feynman Lectures on Physics” (see Figure 1). The Brownian ratchet is also referred to as Feynman’s ratchet, Feynman’s thermal ratchet and the like.

With water shortages on the rise, wastewater is a looming concern that leaves the world’s top minds in a constant battle to combat the inefficiency and high cost of water treatment and disposal. Most industries produce wastewater. Over 80% worldwide, and 69% in the U.S., of industry’

This idea is for a multi-layer of solar panel shade for electric vehicles (EV). Most solar panel charging station design uses a single layer of solar panels as shade roof for electric vehicles during charging.

For centuries, we covered our buildings with a heavy roof that traps heat, which makes it necessary to use Air Conditioning as well as extensive lighting for being so Dark.

Now, with this Multilayered Roof, the heat is dissipated by the wind through the many layers,

Our design idea, Neighborhood Resilience Centers (NRCs), solves the problem of access to power and communications following a disaster. Whether natural (earthquake, hurricane) or man-made (cyber or physical attacks on the electric grid), the lack of widely-available resilient energy and communication services complicates and lengthens recovery efforts,

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