Sustainable Technologies

According to https://thewaterproject.org/water-crisis/water-in-crisis-ethiopia, Ethiopia is located in Africa's Horn where drought and politics are two leading causes of water shortage. In a study conducted by Water.org,

The presented Idea is based on heat exchange principle. It will work in this way that the temperature of the machine or electronic device will be not increased. As per the sketch there will be a conveyor belt system and copper stripes will be connected with this belt.

Companies have understood the advantage of recycling and most companies in the world are investing to recycle their products. There are many factors why a company is interested or not interested in recycling their product. But the most critical factor is cost. Is the cost of recycling is low,

Like fossil fuel the stock of underground water is limited and it is needed to stop, its use at agriculture. Somewhere water from rivers is supplied for agriculture but to send the water pumping machines are used creating a huge fuel expense and pollution.

The project ‘CWSA’

An agreement has been reached between scientists that mercury exposure today is so high in many areas of the globe that it threatens human health. Mercury compounds have carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic properties. Therefore,

Based on aggregated data, Indonesia produces 700 – 800 kg coffee beans per hectare, while in Vietnam coffee yields per hectare stands at 1500 kg and in Brazil at 2000 kg. Indonesia has 3 times the number of smallholder coffee farmers than smallholder coffee farmers in Vietnam,

Today, the demand for sustainable energy is crucial for tomorrow’s bright future. Tokamak-style machines claim to be futuristic superconducting batteries but, no perfected model has been achieved. The biggest limitation they’ll have when perfected is being stationary. Deep space exploration has 3-major challenges that need answers first;

Renewable energy solutions come with their own problems, and managing the trade-offs will determine the success of a technology. Especially, with a desire to maintain and expand our modern standards of living. The diffuse, intermittent,


In the world, usage of electricity is increased day by day for each and every purpose of people. If the necessity of electricity increased but the production level is low. The main purpose of this invention is cost effective, without fuel, no pollution, noiseless,

Environmental contaminants like total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) persist for decades in soils and sediments, and have been linked to cancer, immune and nervous system disorders, reproductive and developmental abnormalities, learning disorders, birth defects, and other health concerns.

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