Sustainable Technologies

I intend to make the production of electrical energy cheaper and less polluting. My invention is a heat pipe engine. A heat pipe has two ends, a wick and a channel for the vapor to flow between the two ends shown in figure 1. A high concentration liquid saturates the wick at one end. A low concentration liquid saturates the wick at the other end. The low concentration liquid will flow through the wick into the high concentration liquid. Within the wick are two electrodes 1 and 2. Electrode 1 is located in high concentration liquid, and electrode 2 is in the low concentration liquid. When heat is applied to the end with the high concentration liquid, some of ...

In some cold climate areas where infrastructure is not developed sufficiently co-generation plants or even heat-only boiler stations are used to heat buildings. Diesel oil in many cases serves as a source of electric power. Its delivery is too expensive, and unduly delay can lead to power cuts.

At the same time, the highest wind energy potential is concentrated in the northern regions. The main problem is that this source of energy is unpredictable. Moreover, power load in such areas is even less flat in particular due to lack of connection with other power systems.

So, we could use water heating as a powerful and adjustable electric load. Water is a matter with large heat capacity. It would collect ...

We combine a novel solar-concentrator with a novel clothes dryer.

1) Thin mirrors in our solar concentrator panel (1.5 X 3.5 meters) track the sun from dawn to dusk, focusing the sunlight onto a black absorber pipe that discharges heat-transfer fluid @ 400°F. "Sunfunnel", like a glass pup-tent, is novel in low cost, self-cleaning, needs no maintenance, and offers an operating life of 4 decades. Each panel supplies some 3 kW of heat; one may use dozens of such panels, depending on the power need... and roof area.

2) Our clothes dryer is powered by the solar-heated fluid through an air heat exchanger. It is unique in two ways: 1) uses little power: being the first dryer to receive ...

Nowadays, building a new house is a difficult and expensive task for most people. The lowest price for a house is about $200 per m2 of living space, or $10,000 per house with area of 50 m2. This price is justified by the use of a large number of building materials, a variety of technologies with which these materials are processed and fixed, as well as the constant need to control the size, shape, composition, positioning, processing of structural elements.

I have worked out a solution that can reduce the cost of building a house to $45-$70 per m2 of living space. This is the result of using a new universal plastic panel for the construction of all parts ...

S-One's company, Brand Management Group, is the exclusive licensee for HP Large Format Printing Materials. As such, S-One/BMG develops, manufactures, distributes and markets all materials under the HP brand in this space, known as HP Large-Format Media. In 2018, S-One created and launched HP Recycled Satin Canvas, which includes sourcing materials, manufacturing, product development, and all sales and marketing. A first of its kind, this printable canvas is constructed with 100% recycled water bottles. This environmentally supportive innovation offers an entirely new identity for the print industry that runs counter to its long-standing “wasteful” stigma, as well as making a dramatic impact on the mounting issue of the world’s plastic trash.

Printable canvas is a huge market segment in ...

NASA Langley Research Center has developed a novel fine interpolation technique that is useful in signal processing for applications in lidar, sonar, radar and similar modalities. The interpolation technique uses repeating waveforms, Fourier transform reordering, and Richardson-Lucy deconvolution to obtain faster and more accurate results.The prime target application is range finding, but the technique is equally suitable for differential absorption studies, such as determining CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere.


Provides an interpolation scheme much faster than those currently in use
Consists of a simple reordering of a Fourier transform array
Can be applied broadly with any repeating waveform, and not confined to PN code and PSK modulation
Compatible with lidar, radar, sonar and similar modalities

The air conditioning of spaces has become a need of the human being to have a better quality of life, it is common for many families to have equipment to cool the air in their homes in the spring and summer seasons; In hospitals it is important to have air cooling systems for the hygiene conditions that are required, as well as to maintain comfort in public places such as cinemas and restaurants. Particularly in the geographical areas where there is a warm climate, air conditioning equipment is very necessary to counteract the high temperatures. Our team has identified certain problems that still exist regarding conventional air conditioning equipment:

1.- There is a part of the population that cannot ...

Problem Statement:
Over 600 million Africans lack access to electricity; 80 million of these are Nigerians. This forces families and local street food vendors to spend a huge part of their income continuously on fuel in kerosene lamps for lighting. Mobile phone use is on the rise too and possessing one entails locating electricity to recharge which is even more expense and difficult.

Our Product:
Ina Lite is a sustainable, affordable, portable, lightweight, thermoelectric generator that harnesses heat energy to generate electricity which is accessible from a USB power port.

How it works:
-The User places the copper conductor in the heat source
-Heat is then converted to electricity through the thermoelectric generator
-The energy generated is channeled to a ...

A device that stores energy in particles suspended in an insulating media, that travels around a storage unit comprised of an endless loop. The particle mutual repulsion keeps the particles from clumping or settling. The energy is imparted to each particle by a diode pumped solid-state ultraviolet irradiation device, while the media movement is accelerated to high speed. Once the storage media has completed a loop, resulting in a fully charged battery. The Ionized particles thus remain suspended in the media indefinitely, until discharge is implemented. The charged particles progress over a antenna where their energy is read by small signal amplifiers then fed to oscillation electronics to produce a viable output voltage. The media is advanced at slow ...

Garbage is one of the serious problems in the world especially Indonesia and getting worse. The accumulation of waste has a positive correlation with the high content of nitrate (Thiteand Menon, 2012) and phosphate (Zhanget al., 2018) in the waters and affect in environment contamination and some diseases (Megna et al., 2017). Data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry states that the projections of household waste in Indonesia in 2018 is around 66.8 million tons and this trend will continue to increase in the following year.

This problem usually affects siltation of the rivers then causes flooding. Besides the garbage problem, Sumbawa also has an important problem in livestock manure because Sumbawa is a center of cattle farm ...

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