Protective face mask are on high demand due to covid-19/ corona virus pandemic. Variety of face mask are available from simple bandana face mask to N95 mask. I am proposing a coconut shell face mask,

All countries are facing the coronavirus pandemic. This disease is highly contagious. Best way to avoid it is to keep social distancing. But maintaining the distance is difficult in crowded places. No one follows the markings.

ThermoTerra harnesses a new type of renewable energy - humidity power - to heat and cool buildings using natural daily humidity fluctuations.

Buildings represent 30% world energy usage, of which 50% is for heating and cooling. Our technology can reduce these energy needs by up to 50%.

Those shoes can be easily put on and took down standing or sitting. There is no need to bend down or use your hands. Each foot is taking care of each other – in other words, fastens and unfastens the shoes.

Who needs those shoes?


TriboFuge (Tribo-electric Centrifuge) harvests water from air by using a unique combination of an electrostatic precipitator and a centrifuge. TriboFuge can in a deserts produce almost limitless water and transform the ever expanding deserts of the World, into vast fertile gardens of incredible agricultural potential.

This is a body sense and attitude monitoring device equipped for animals. Send and receive body messages through dynamic, heart rhythm and pressure detection modules to assess a wide range of diseases. And can be installed in accordance with the needs of animals modules for breeding, livestock, competition,

Back injury is the top cause of a “job related disability.” More than one million back injuries are sustained in the workplace every year. Back pain accounts for more than 200 million lost work days per year.

Diabetes and peripheral arterial disease are two prevalent chronic medical conditions afflicting the global population. Lower extremity disease secondary to diabetic microvascular and peripheral vascular disease often result in transmetatarsal foot amputation (TMA). Management after TMA requires extensive rehabilitation often with the aid of prosthetics.

All prior measurement of electric fields and electric potentials measurement systems are plagued by the use of physical measurement systems that distort or modify the electric fields that they are designed to measure. Therefore, there is limited use of electric fields as an inspection, diagnostic and process control tool.

Urban Rover is an autonomous home platform for the city professional. Rovers are a new form of affordable housing, providing life's essentials in a comfortable yet mobile footprint. Through a subscription based model that provides connectivity and home utilities,

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