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Clean solar cooker as replacement for hazardous log-fires

Until today more than 3 billion people rely on open fires for cooking. Their cook stoves are predominantly based on burning firewood or charcoal and used indoors without sufficient ventilation [IEA (2016). "World Energy Outlook 2016"]. According to the WHO, the exposure to these dangerous fire smokes is linked to 4 million premature deaths each year, primarily among women and children [https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/household-air-pollution-and-health]. Moreover, the collection of firewood demands up to 8 working hours per day and the deforestation damages the environment extensively. Some efforts are made to switch to cleaner cook stoves based on natural gas. While this would reduce the exposure to health risks, CO2 emissions and financial dependency on ...

We are glad to representing our own Electronic scooter witch perform amazing results in cross-country ability, safety, range and speed.

All components of our own design and we proud of 3 general features(patent pending) in our scooter: motor wheel with liquid cooling system, hydraulic brake system, Suspension.

1. General information
-Maximum speed - 110km\h
-Acceleration 0-100km\h - 6 seconds
-Weight - 66кг
-Maximum load - 200kg
-Range of mileage on one charge, at a constant speed of 100km\h - 60km
-Range of mileage on one charge, at a constant speed of 60 km\h - 110 km
-Range of mileage on one charge, at a constant speed of 30km\h - 160km
-Minimum battery charging time 0-100% - 2 hours

2. ...

This concept is 6,000 ft length x 60 ft diameter and 4 ft diameter of axle at center. 6,000 ft length divided to 80 or more terminals connect to the other by joining axles. The fly-wheels attach each side of axles from right to left .73 curved fan blades mount on each side of the fly-wheel. They all spin at the same time. This concept hooks up to 10 or more Generators. Each one produces 24 MW capacity X 10 =240 MW .Estimate about 160,000 homes. Place this concept on-shores, off-shore. Flat areas . Where they have strong wind. The best places are on-shores because the wind flows one direction. We can make 100 miles Length or more Rolling ...

This invention is designed to automatically play the traditional piano and play the music itself. This is done by electronic relays that move the piano, the keyboard, using electrical impulses. When the electronic relay is energized and the same key is pressed, this key illuminates. This allows anyone who doesn’t know how to play any music to listen to it live or learn it independently. To make this invention, you need a set of electronic relays with enough power, a chip that transmits electronic pulses, software that plays music, and of course a piano. If an additional speaker is installed on the piano, this will allow you to play other music along with the piano. The software of the invention ...

The prosthesis in 2050 would mean surpassing ordinary human strength. The future belongs to the trans-human and the power of machine integrated human body The US already has plans to bring cyborgs to the military. The future looks very bright for prosthetics. Gone are the days of where the amputees couldn't serve the nation after losing a limb.

The project was undertaken in our course module 'Design for 2050', wherein we started with studying what prostheses are, how it evolved from the time it was first introduced in 950–710 B.C. to the current research in the field. The main topics of our interest pertaining to this project are as follows -
1. Brain Computer Interaction(BCI)
2. Agonist-antagonist Myoneural Interface ...

The aim of the project is to develop technology and create a production line for light transmitting thermal insulation material (LTTI), which can be used for houses, greenhouses, tent hangars and buildings. LTTI material consists of gas filled polymer cells that have light transmitting and thermally insulated properties with excellent elasticity and low cost. LTTI allows the efficient use of solar energy for heating and lighting at home and energy saving.

Monodispersed polymer gas-filled cellular structure with a specific gravity of 1 / 200-1 / 50. Can be produced as continuous tape up to 2 meters wide and up to 10 cm thick.

The cell size can be from 5mm to 50mm. The thickness of the partitions is from ...

High reliability for electronic systems/assemblies is critical for various industry sectors and their continued success. Electronic devices include Printed Circuit Board (PCB) as the key component for optimal operation/performance. Selection of the materials used in PCBs is critical to make the assemblies highly reliable and free from corrosion.

Conventional Solution
Among the primary factors affecting the reliability of electronic systems is the surface finish applied on PCB copper pads – a need commonly met by technology manufacturers through the Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) process.

Conventional ENIG currently available in the market is prone to black-pad defects associated with de-wetting of solder. The root cause of black-pad defects has been identified as hyper corrosion activity at Gold (Au) and Nickel-Phosphorous (Ni-P) interface ...

Studies have shown that elevator buttons can become 40 dirtier than public toilet seats.

People all over the world are afraid of catching diseases and started using keys, lighters and other objects to push buttons in public places.

In order to prevent the spread of diseases via elevator buttons I suggest replacing them with a new type of switch that uses UV-C light to automatically sterilize its surface after every use. UV-C light source is hidden inside the casing and thus harmless to the user.

This switch could potentially be used to replace any kinds of push buttons, switches and ...

Why "smart traffic light"? This is because the operation of existing traffic lights requires electricity, a separate control panel and a lot of technical equipment. You also need a permit to install regular traffic lights.

Due to these problems, traffic lights are rarely installed (especially in remote areas) in areas with high passenger traffic (schools, colleges, preschools).
The simplicity of our project, the fact that it does not require electricity and complex chips, can be a practical solution to existing problems. The device is simple, compact and lightweight, so it can be moved from one place to another.

With the help of LED lights the movement of cars and passengers can be controlled. Wind energy is used to power ...

I propose a device regarding “cold therapy” for home and hospital applications. As far as I known, “cold therapy” is still based on traditional ice-packs. Ice-packs can be useful to reduce joint inflammation, improve muscle recovery and in many other circumstances. The proposed idea aims to facilitate the implementation and to increase the performances of the "cold therapy". As shown in the attached picture (“Smart ice-pack applications”), this idea is based on two main components:
- “Cold generator “;
- Pack and hoses.

The “cold generator “ has the target to generate cold and to convey it to the pack thanks to a recirculating fluid flowing inside flexible hoses. The pack is in contact with the body and provides ...

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