The Major Propulsion Problems:

internal-combustion-engine [ICE] and turbojet-engines pollute

ICE are fuel-inefficient in most operating regimes where they spend most of their time, resulting in high amounts of pollutants and CO2 emissions

turbo-engines are noisy, fuel-hungry,

The problem that diabetics and persons with urinary incontinence suffer:

Anyone with diabetes or urinary incontinence knows how terrible and embarrassing it is to have to go to the bathroom multiple times due to uncontrollable urination. Millions of diabetics suffer this everyday while they are at workplace,

Stemming from the lack of facilities during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in our country, we aimed to design a ventilator that’s easy and cheap to setup, easy to maintain, and can support as many people as possible. We, as a team, took this initiative back in May,

This device is an intubation tube with gold electrodes in his surface, level of the vocal chords, two electrodes for each vocal cord, these electrodes get connected with gold cables to electromyography that generates the electrical pulses. We can stimulate each vocal cord in individual way or both.

Laminar is a reusable toothpaste tube that can be infinitely refilled with your favorite toothpaste.


The tube is both fluoride and dishwasher safe and is designed to work as a traditional syringe. After you have emptied your tube,

Manaola  Innovations aims to solve the problem of lack of modern technological intervention in many medical devices, particularly the gait trainer. Gait trainers currently on the market are often bulky, uncomfortable, and hardly customizable.

This drive mechanism does not use chaindrive or shaftdrive but has efficiency as chaindrive (in terms of gear teeth engagement) and requires less frequent maintenance. It also provides gear ratio.

Basic idea: Use internally toothed gear to rotate the hub of the wheel.

Axial engine is important for various application like power generation aircraft propulsion. Axial engines like Duke engine requires more than five cylinders. construction is complicated and bulky for small power applications.

Provide an e-vehicle conversion kit using my patented (US Patent 9,124,144 B2) dual radial gap, high-power density, low RPM DC electric motor in a direct drive application to convert conventional IC powered vehicles to full electric power.

The reduced rate of healing for chronic wounds affects the quality of life of the patients and leads to significant socio-economic burden. These wounds do not heal in a timely and methodical manner and can lead to ulcers and other long-term effects. Repeated trauma,

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